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Welcome to the Official Necesse Wiki
The wiki currently contains 1,169 articles and 1,597 images. It is under construction, check out how to help expanding it.
Information on this wiki is based on version 0.21.x.


Necesse is a sandbox action-adventure exploration game in which you progress your character and settlement through fighting, mining, exploring, crafting, fishing, trading and more. The world is procedurally generated, taking place on smaller islands each with a different biome, cave system, enemies and loot. Necesse is currently available on Steam Early Access with regular updates. You can either play solo or invite friends with scaled bosses. It is also possible to host your own dedicated server.

The World

Biomes Nav Icon.png Biomes
     Forest Nav Icon.png Forest
     Snow Nav Icon.png Snow
     Swamp Nav Icon.png Swamp
     Desert Nav Icon.png Desert
     Dungeon Nav Icon.png Dungeon
     Village Map.png Villages
     Torch.png Caves
     Mini Biomes Nav Icon.png Mini Biomes

Demon Heart.png Bosses
     Mysterious Portal.png Evil's Protector
     Royal Egg.png Queen Spider
     Void Caller.png Void Wizard
     Spiked Fossil.png Swamp Guardian
     Ancient Statue.png Ancient Vulture
     Local Pirate Map.png Pirate Captain
     Shadow Gate.png Reaper
     Ice Crown.png Cryo Queen
     Decaying Leaf.png Pest Warden
     Dragon Souls.png Sage & Grit
     Wizard Socket.png Fallen Wizard


Inventory Nav Icon.png Equipment
     Iron Axe.png Tools
     Iron Sword.png Weapons
     Stone Arrow.png Ammo
     Worm Bait.png Bait
     Tungsten Chestplate.png Armor
     Force of Wind.png Trinkets
     Sunglasses.png Cosmetics
     Banner Of Speed.png Banners

Book.png Materials
     Iron Ore.png Ores
     Quartz.png Minerals
     Iron Bar.png Bars
     Any Stone.gif Stones
     Any Log.gif Logs
     Fur Fish.png Special Fish
     Sunflower.png Flower
     Bone.png Drops
     Spare Boat Parts.png Other Materials

Life Elixir.png Consumables
     Raw Mutton.png Raw Food
     Any Common Fish.gif Common Fish
     Junior Burger.png Food
     Mysterious Portal.png Boss Items
     Health Potion.png Potions
     Recall Scroll.png Other Consumables

Farmland.png Tiles
     Pine Floor.png Floors
     Lava.png Liquids
     Sand.png Terrain
     Farmland.png Other Tiles

Homestone.png Objects
     Sunflower Seeds.png Seeds
     Apple Sapling.png Saplings
     Workstation.png Crafting Stations
     Oak Cabinet.png Furniture
     Pine Door.png Walls and Doors
     Wood Fence Gate.png Fences and Gates
     Arrow Trap.png Traps
     Ladder Down.png Misc Objects

Wrench.png Wiring
     OR Gate.png Logic gates

Crafting Guide.png Miscellaneous
     Jumping Ball.png Mounts
     Magic Stilts.png Pets
     Coin Pouch.png Pouches
     Goblin Ring.png Quest Items
     Fertilizer.png Other Miscellaneous