Void Wizard

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Void Wizard


Type: Bosses

Health: Casual: 3500
Adventure: 4000
Classic: 4500
Hard: 5000
Brutal: 6000 "Casual:" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 3500.

Armor: 10

Damage: Bouncing bolt: 42
Missile: 35
Wave: 32
Homing bolt: ~33

 Void Shard (25) 100%  Recall Scroll (12-20) 50%  Travel Scroll (5-10) 50% Drops one of the following:  Void Staff 33.⅓%  Void Missile 33.⅓%  Magic Stilts 33.⅓% First kill:  Empty Pendant 100%

The Void Wizard is the third boss and will be at the bottom of the Dungeon. Attacking the Void Wizard will initiate the fight. A Void Caller can be used to summon the Void Wizard.

When fighting him, he rotates between different attacks. When reaching 50% health, his attacks change slightly and he moves around faster. When he summons clones around the player, hitting the clones will spawn bouncing projectiles that last the rest of the fight. By being careful to not hit any of the clones, the fight will become significantly easier as the other attacks can often be dodged by strafing around him.

Even though you cannot alter his arena, you can place Banner Stands that provide Banner buffs once you have access to them.


v. 0.21.12:

  • Reduced bouncing bolt damage from 50 to 46.
  • Reduced missile damage from 43 to 40.
  • Reduced wave damage from 38 to 35.
  • Reduced homing bolt damage from ~40 to ~36.

v. 0.21.18:

  • Reduced bouncing bolt damage from 46 to 42.
  • Reduced missile damage from 40 to 35.
  • Reduced wave damage from 35 to 32.
  • Reduced homing bolt damage from ~36 to ~33.