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Animals live in all biomes on surface. Unlike Critters, animals don't spontaneously spawn or despawn, they also do not respawn if killed. Most of them can be tamed using the Rope and be led to other islands. Some can be bred if fed Wheat.

Domesticated animals[edit]

Domesticated animals are abundant, can be easily approached and tamed with a rope or bought from a Traveling Merchant. If they are fed wheat, they go into love mode, which will produce a baby if two of the same creatures are in close proximity to one another. They can be beneficial to be tamed, fenced and placed in an Animal Husbandry zone.

Domesticated Animals Biomes Items
Cow.png Cow Forest Biome and Swamp Biome Leather.png LeatherBeef.png BeefMilk.png Milk
Sheep.png Sheep Forest Biome, Snow Biome and Swamp Biome Wool.png WoolRaw Mutton.png Raw Mutton
Pig.png Pig Can be spawned using Imported Pig item Raw Pork.png Raw Pork

Tamable Animals[edit]

Tamable Animals are less common than domesticated. Like domesticated animals, they don't run from the player and can be roped and fenced, but they will not breed nor will they eat food. There is currently no game benefit to capturing them other than just having them around.

Tamable Animals Biomes Items
Wild Ostrich.png Wild Ostrich Desert Biome Inefficient Feather.png Inefficient Feather
Penguin.png Penguin Snow Biome Wet Icicle.png Wet Icicle

Wild Animals[edit]

Wild Animals cannot be roped and tamed. They are non-hostile but can become hostile if attacked.

Wild Animals Biomes Items
Polar Bear.png Polar Bear Snow Biome Polar Claw.png Polar ClawIce Fish.png Icefish