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Animals live in all biomes on the surface. Unlike Critters, animals don't spontaneously spawn or despawn, they also do not respawn if killed. Most of them can be led using the Rope and even led to other islands. Some can be tamed and bred if fed Wheat.

Domesticated Animals[edit]

Domesticated Animals are abundant, can be easily approached and lead with a rope or bought from a Farmer or Traveling Merchant. Use the rope (Right Mouse button) on a wild Sheep or Cow, so it will follow you around. You can use multiple ropes at the same time. Right-click on doors to keep them open. Lead the Animal into the fenced-off area, and Right-Click to let it go.

It can be beneficial to create a husbandry zone. The zone will allow for an Animal Keeper to take care of them automatically.

Start giving them Wheat by hand or via a Feeding Trough. A Feeding Trough is a container that can be filled with Wheat and, if placed inside the fenced-off area, will keep the animals fed. Fed animals will become tamed after eating for a prolonged period of time. You can hover your cursor over the animal to see how far along the taming process is. Hungry animals will slowly lose their tamed status.

When an animal reaches 100% tame, it can begin entering love mode.

If they are fed Wheat while tamed, they can enter love mode, which will produce a baby if two of the same creatures are close to one another. The baby takes 32 minutes to grow to adulthood.
Animals will no longer go into love mode if they are too crowded (10 animals within 8 tiles is considered "Crowded"), or if the breeding interval (24 minutes) was entered already. You can also set a maximum number of animals to keep in a husbandry zone by left-clicking the highlighted zone. Excess animals will be slaughtered by the Animal Keeper.

Some animals can be "harvested" for items when tame and grown. Select the harvesting tool and right-click on the animal (it will say "Milk" or "Shear" if it's possible), they will drop their produced item, and cannot be harvested again for a certain period of time - Cows can only be harvested once per day (reset in the morning, 2-minute cooldown if milked just before morning), and Sheep can only be harvested every 20-30 minutes.

Domesticated Animals Biomes Dropped Items Production Rate Harvesting Tool
Cow.png Cow Forest Biome and Swamp Biome Beef.png BeefLeather.png Leather Milk.png Milk daily Bucket.png Bucket
Sheep.png Sheep Forest Biome, Snow Biome and Swamp Biome Raw Mutton.png Raw MuttonWool.png Wool Wool.png Wool every 20-30 minutes Shears.png Shears
Pig.png Pig Can be spawned using Imported Pig item Raw Pork.png Raw Pork N/A N/A

Tameable Animals[edit]

Tameable Animals are less common than domesticated ones. Like domesticated animals, they don't run from the player and can be roped and fenced, but they will not breed nor will they eat food. There is currently no game benefit to capturing the Penguin other than just having it around. The Ostrich, however, is rideable. it is essentially a land boat.

Tamable Animals Biomes Items
Wild Ostrich.png Wild Ostrich Desert Biome Inefficient Feather.png Inefficient Feather
Penguin.png Penguin Snow Biome Wet Icicle.png Wet Icicle

Wild Animals[edit]

Wild Animals cannot be roped and tamed. They are non-hostile but can become hostile if attacked.

Wild Animals Biomes Items
Polar Bear.png Polar Bear Snow Biome Polar Claw.png Polar ClawIce Fish.png Icefish