Animal Keeper

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Animal Keeper

Animal Keeper.png


Type: Settler

The Animal Keeper can be found in Villages, and can be recruited after defeating the Void Wizard.

When recruited from a village, they will always ask for coins, but wool or leather may be requested too.

The Animal Keeper will milk, shear, or slaughter animals in husbandry zones. He/she can also do Hauling, Crafting, Forestry, and Farming.

For the Animal Keeper to slaughter animals, you must first set a maximum number of animals to keep in a husbandry zone by left-clicking the highlighted zone while in the "assign work" tab of your settlement management screen. Excess animals will be slaughtered.


Name Price Availability
Inefficient Feather.png Inefficient Feather 500 - 1,500 Coin Currency.png Always
Wet Icicle.png Wet Icicle 300 - 900 Coin Currency.png Always
Exotic Seeds.png Exotic Seeds 400 - 1,000 Coin Currency.png Always