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Type: Tools

Effects: Lead one domesticated or tamable Animal

Shop: Farmer

  Price:   100 - 190 Coin Currency.png

  Availability:   Always

The Rope is an item used to lead domesticated or tamable Animals. One rope can only lead a single animal at a time. To lead more than one, the player will need multiple ropes at the same time

To lead an animal, the player needs to have the rope in the task bar and selected or have the rope picked up by the pointer and then right click on the desired animal. Doing so removed the rope is from Inventory. Once the animal is released, the rope will be dropped and picked back up immediately unless inventory if full.

It can be purchased from the Farmer or the Traveling Merchant.

The Infinite Rope is an upgraded version.


v. 0.21.17:

  • Increased stack size from 1 to 5.