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While exploring the world, the player will find different objects to interact with and gather useful resources. You can mine Rocks to get Stones, Ores and Minerals, deconstruct various structures and objects in Villages, Caves and Dungeons to obtain Walls and Doors, Furniture, Crafting Stations and other Materials, as well as break Crates, Chests and other objects to collect Treasures.


Treasures can be found in most Mini Biomes in Chests, Crates, Vases, Stone Coffins and Grave Stones.

Objects Drops
Chests Ammo Bars Crops Depths Catcher Enchanting ScrollFishing Rods Fruits Potions Saplings Seeds Trinkets Weapons
Coin Stacks  Coins
Crates Ammo Bars Coins Potions Recall Scroll Torch
Stone Coffin Ammo Bars Bat Wing Blood Bolt Coins Enchanting Scroll Potions Recall Scroll Torch Vampires Gift
Grave Stones Ammo Bars Coins Potions Recall Scroll Torch
Vases Ammo Bars Coins Potions Recall Scroll Torch


The Rocks can be found in Caves, and there are also small rocks scattered on the surface.

Rocks Drops
Surface Rock  Stone
Sandstone Surface Rock  Sandstone
Rock  Stone
Snow Rock  Snow Stone
Swamp Rock  Swamp Stone
Sandstone Rock  Sandstone
Deep Rock  Deep Stone
Deep Snow Rock  Deep Snow Stone
Deep Swamp Rock  Deep Swamp Stone
Deep Sandstone Rock  Deep Sandstone


The Ores can be found inside the Rocks in Caves and Deep Caves. By mining Rocks with Ores you will obtain ores and stones.

Ores Rocks Drops
Copper Ore Any Rock  Copper Ore Any Stone
Iron Ore Any Rock  Iron Ore Any Stone
Gold Ore Any Rock  Gold Ore Any Stone
Ivy Ore Swamp Rock  Ivy Ore Swamp Stone
Tungsten Ore Any Deep Rock  Tungsten Ore Any Deep Stone
Glacial Ore Deep Snow Rock  Glacial Ore Deep Snow Stone
Mycelium Ore Deep Swamp Rock  Mycelium Ore Deep Swamp Stone
Ancient Fossil Ore Deep Sandstone Rock  Ancient Fossil Ore Deep Sandstone


The Minerals can be found in Caves and Deep Caves.

Minerals Rocks Drops
Clay None  Clay
Frost Shard Snow Rock  Frost Shard Snow Stone
Quartz Sandstone Rock  Quartz Sandstone
Obsidian None  Obsidian
Life Quartz Any Deep Rock  Life Quartz Any Deep Stone