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Boss health scales with # of players at a rate of +80% base HP per each player past 1. For example, Evil's Protector has a base HP of 3000. With 3 players, its health total is 3000 + 2 * (3000 * .8) = 7800.

Appearance Name Drops
Evils Protector.png Evil's Protector Demonic Bar.png Demonic Bar (12) 100% Force of Wind.png Force of Wind 100% Melee Foci.png Melee Foci 25% Magic Foci.png Magic Foci 25% Range Foci.png Range Foci 25% Summon Foci.png Summon Foci 25% First kill: Demon Heart.png Demon Heart 100%
Queen Spider.png Queen Spider Cave Spider Gland.gif Cave Spider Gland (10-20) 100% Spider Claw.png Spider Claw 25% Spider Charm.png Spider Charm 25% Webbed Gun.png Webbed Gun 25% Frost Piercer.png Frost Piercer 25%
Void Wizard.png Void Wizard Void Shard.png Void Shard (25) 100% Recall Scroll.png Recall Scroll (12-20) 50% Travel Scroll.png Travel Scroll (5-10) 50% Void Staff.png Void Staff 33% Void Missile.png Void Missile 33% Magic Stilts.png Magic Stilts 33% First kill: Empty Pendant.png Empty Pendant 100%
Swamp Guardian.png Swamp Guardian Razor Blade.png Razor Blade 33% Guardian Shell.png Guardian Shell 33% Dredging Staff.png Dredging Staff 33%
Ancient Vulture.png Ancient Vulture Vultures Talon.png Vultures Talon 33% Vultures Burst.png Vultures Burst 33% Vulture Staff.png Vulture Staff 33% Vulture Mask.png Vulture Mask 10%
Pirate Captain.png Pirate Captain Deep Ladder Down.png Deep Ladder Down 100% Coins.png Coins (300-500) 100% Hand Cannon.png Hand Cannon 33% Pirate Telescope.png Pirate Telescope 33% Spare Boat Parts.png Spare Boat Parts 33%
Reaper.png Reaper Death Ripper.png Death Ripper 25% Reaper Scythe.png Reaper Scythe 25% Reapers Call.png Reapers Call 25% Shadow Beam.png Shadow Beam 25%
Cryo Queen.png Cryo Queen Cryo Blaster.png Cryo Blaster 25% Cryo Glaive.png Cryo Glaive 25% Cryo Quake.png Cryo Quake 25% Cryo Spear.png Cryo Spear 25%
Sage and Grit.png Sage and Grit Bow of Dualism.png Bow of Dualism 25% Dragon Lance.png Dragon Lance 25% Dragons Rebound.png Dragons Rebound 25% Skeleton Staff.png Skeleton Staff 25%
Fallen Wizard.png Fallen Wizard First kill: Wizard Socket.png Wizard Socket 100%