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Boss health scales with # of players at a rate of +80% base HP per each player past 1. For example, Evil's Protector has a base HP of 3000. With 3 players, its health total is 3000 + 2 * (3000 * 0.8) = 7800. Each boss is guaranteed to drop one of the items in the "drops one of the following" section. If you defeat the boss again, it will drop one of the remaining items until they have all been dropped. After that it will pick another random item and begin the cycle again

Appearance Name Drops
Evils Protector.png Evil's Protector Demonic Bar.png Demonic Bar (12) 100% Force of Wind.png Force of Wind 100% Drops one of the following: Melee Foci.png Melee Foci 25% Magic Foci.png Magic Foci 25% Range Foci.png Range Foci 25% Summon Foci.png Summon Foci 25% First kill: Demon Heart.png Demon Heart 100%
Queen Spider.png Queen Spider Cave Spider Gland.gif Cave Spider Gland (10-20) 100% Drops one of the following: Spider Claw.png Spider Claw 25% Spider Charm.png Spider Charm 25% Webbed Gun.png Webbed Gun 25% Frost Piercer.png Frost Piercer 25%
Void Wizard.png Void Wizard Void Shard.png Void Shard (25) 100% Recall Scroll.png Recall Scroll (12-20) 50% Travel Scroll.png Travel Scroll (5-10) 50% Drops one of the following: Void Staff.png Void Staff 33% Void Missile.png Void Missile 33% Magic Stilts.png Magic Stilts 33% First kill: Empty Pendant.png Empty Pendant 100%
Swamp Guardian.png Swamp Guardian Drops one of the following: Razor Blade.png Razor Blade 33% Guardian Shell.png Guardian Shell 33% Dredging Staff.png Dredging Staff 33%
Ancient Vulture.png Ancient Vulture Vulture Mask.png Vulture Mask 10% Drops one of the following: Vultures Talon.png Vultures Talon 33% Vultures Burst.png Vultures Burst 33% Vulture Staff.png Vulture Staff 33%
Pirate Captain.png Pirate Captain Deep Ladder Down.png Deep Ladder Down 100% Coins.png Coins (300-500) 100% Drops one of the following: Hand Cannon.png Hand Cannon 33% Pirate Telescope.png Pirate Telescope 33% Spare Boat Parts.png Spare Boat Parts 33%
Reaper.png Reaper Drops one of the following: Death Ripper.png Death Ripper 25% Reaper Scythe.png Reaper Scythe 25% Reapers Call.png Reapers Call 25% Shadow Beam.png Shadow Beam 25%
Cryo Queen.png Cryo Queen Drops one of the following: Cryo Blaster.png Cryo Blaster 25% Cryo Glaive.png Cryo Glaive 25% Cryo Quake.png Cryo Quake 25% Cryo Spear.png Cryo Spear 25%
Pest Warden.png Pest Warden Drops one of the following: VenomslasherInventory.png Venom Slasher 25% Venom Shower.png Venom Shower 25% Living Shotty.png Living Shotty 25% Swamps Grasp.png Swamps Grasp 25%
Sage and Grit.png Sage and Grit Drops one of the following: Bow of Dualism.png Bow of Dualism 25% Dragon Lance.png Dragon Lance 25% Dragons Rebound.png Dragons Rebound 25% Skeleton Staff.png Skeleton Staff 25%
Fallen Wizard.png Fallen Wizard First kill: Wizard Socket.png Wizard Socket 100%

There are 3 bosses must be defeated to beat the game. They are Pirate Captain to unlock deep caves, Sage and Grit to unlock Desert Temple and Fallen Wizard, final boss in the game.

But with that, there are 2 bosses player should kill to beat the game. The first is Evil's Protector which drops Demon Heart and Demonic Bars. Second is Void Wizard which drops Empty Pendant.