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Type: Bosses

Health: 11000

Armor: 30

Damage: Collision: 65
Scythe: 65
Spirits: 60

Drops one of the following: Death Ripper.png Death Ripper 25% Reaper Scythe.png Reaper Scythe 25% Reapers Call.png Reapers Call 25% Shadow Beam.png Shadow Beam 25%

Reaper is the seventh boss that can be summoned using a Shadow Gate.

Has three cycles of attacks. First cycle: spawns in one of eight directions from the player (two vertical, two horizontal and four diagonal) and rams him. And so four times. Second cycle: After the fourth ram, it stops and spawns projectiles that chase the player, but they do not disappear until the player destroys them. Third cycle: The reaper spins around the player and throws a scythe at them, and after 2 seconds (approximately) it returns to them. Upon reaching 50% health, the following changes occur. First cycle: rams become faster. Second cycle: after the last ram, the boss disappears and two portals appear, from which projectiles come out. Third cycle: Reaper returns and teleports when throwing a scythe.

Before the battle, it is recommended to build a box in the same way as with the Pirate Captain.