Gateway Tablet

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Gateway Tablet


Type: Other Miscellaneous

Attack speed: 1

Tooltip: Activate Fallen Altar

Broker value: 500

Players will obtain their first Gateway Tablet dropped by Fallen Wizard, which will grant access to Incursions by allowing the crafting of Fallen Altar. Then, the Tablet will be placed into the Fallen Altar to allow players to open the Incursion linked to the Tablet.

Gateway Tablets don't appear as "Gateway Tablet" in-game. Instead, they are now named (Incursion Biome) + Tablet, such as Forest Deep Cave Tablet or Graveyard Tablet.

Gateway Tablets are linked to only one incursion. To access other Incursion Biomes, players will be to obtain another tablet.

The infobox when hovering over a Tablet will list the Incursion Biome, Tier, Special Rewards, and Incursion Modifier


Besides the Fallen Wizard, Gateway tablets can be obtained as a uncommon drop from killing enemies in any incursion type, including Extraction Incursions, and as a guaranteed Special Reward Drop from killing the incursion boss.