Fallen Wizard

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Fallen Wizard


Type: Bosses

Health: Casual: 15000
Adventure: 24000
Classic: 30000
Hard: 34000
Brutal: 40000 "Casual:" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 15000.

Armor: 40

Damage: Laser: 100
Missile: 70
Wave: 80
Ball: 70

 Gateway Tablet 100% First kill:  Wizard Socket 100%

Fallen Wizard is currently the last boss in the game. He is found on the second and final floor of the deep desert temple which is unlocked after defeating Sage and Grit. Once defeated, there is a cooldown before he will spawn again at the same arena.

The Fallen Wizard is passive until attacked, and will always start the fight with an energy wave wall, followed by a teleport into his laser attack, followed by the energy ball spiral. He will then summon two fallen dragons which are initially passive, and immediately begin an energy barrage attack that may cause significant damage to the player if they stopped to pick off the dragons. Finally, he will summon energy waves from random directions, and if any fallen dragons are alive they will home in on the player during this attack. From this point, he will continue to use these 6 attacks in random configurations until he is defeated, with the attack speed steadily ramping up the lower his health gets.

This boss is a considerable step up in difficulty from the previous bosses, and the player should consider their build, Trinkets, Potions, and Food Buffs before challenging him. The Blink Scepter and Air Vessel/Ancient Relics are heavily recommended for mobility and dodging attacks.

Fallen Wizard's arena allows placing Banner Stands after the update of v0.21.23 to provide Banner buffs.

There are only 2 items which a player can get after defeating this boss. The first item is Wizard Socket which drops from boss. The second is Void Bag which player can get from the Elder after completing the quest "Kill Fallen Wizard".

Gateway Tablet has been added as a drop with a 100% droprate as of update v0.22. This may be used to craft the Fallen Altar in the Advanced Workstation, allowing the player to begin participating in Incursions which are new biomes added in this update as well.


v. 0.21.14:

  • Increased Fallen Wizard max health.