Sage and Grit

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Sage and Grit

Sage and Grit.png


Type: Bosses

Health: 20000

Armor: 35

Damage: Heads: 80
Body: 60
Fire: 70

Drops one of the following: Bow of Dualism.png Bow of Dualism 25% Dragon Lance.png Dragon Lance 25% Dragons Rebound.png Dragons Rebound 25% Skeleton Staff.png Skeleton Staff 25%

Sage and Grit is the tenth boss and can be summoned with Dragon Souls at a pedestal found in Deep Desert Caves.

At first they circle around the player, occasionally dashing towards them, later they join into a circle that fills with lines of fire. If you kill one dragon, then the second one will ram faster, so it is recommended to kill them almost simultaneously.