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Incursions are post end-game content in Necesse, unlocked after defeating the Fallen Wizard.

Incursions Maps are temporary maps which will be deleted upon completing the Incursions. Everything except Banners and Banner Stands left inside the Incursion will be deleted upon clicking on Complete Incursion in the Fallen Altar's incursion menu.

How to Unlock[edit]

The Fallen Wizard drops a Gateway Tablet upon defeat, which unlocks the ability to craft a Fallen Altar.

After crafting the Fallen Altar, placing the Gateway Tablet into the altar will allow players to open a portal to the incursion linked to the Gateway Tablet. (Each Tablet is linked to one specific Incursion)

Each Tablet tells you information about the Incursion that is linked to it, such as the Incursion Tier, Incursion Biome, Incursion Modifier, and Special Incursion Rewards from defeating the boss.

Incursion Objective[edit]

Each incursion comes with an objective players can complete to summon the boss. There are three objectives currently, Hunts, Extractions. Trial Incursions are exclusive to the Sun Arena and Moon Arena.

In a Hunt Incursion, players will need to kill 100 enemies. Enemies of Tier 2 and above will also only drop their respective mob drops in Hunt Incursions.

In an Extraction Incursion, players are required to mine 100 of the required ore blocks. Enemies are spawned in as you progress.

In a Trial Incursion, players will fight the boss directly.

Completing an incursion[edit]

To complete an incursion, players will have to summon the boss by either completing an Objective or using their respective Boss Items. Completing the Objective will summon a portal for players to use to summon bosses, while using a Boss Items summons the boss instantly. Note that if the objective is completed or a Boss was summoned directly, all normal enemies in the area will retreat and no more enemies will spawn even after the boss is killed.

Before the boss is summoned, players are allowed to leave the incursion at any time, either from teleporting out or dying, without any penalty and can reenter at any time. However, once the boss fight starts, if players were to be killed or leave the area where no other alive players are in the incursions area, the boss fight will end and resulting in a failure to obtain Essences dropped by the bosses for that attempt. If a player succeed in killing the boss, Essences will be obtained.

Once a boss fight ends and all attempts are used up, the progress bar will say that the incursion is completed. If an incursion is completed and the player wishes to fight the boss again, players must start a new incursion.

Incursion Tier[edit]

In simple terms, Incursion Tiers are the difficulty of the Incursion. The higher the tier, the stronger the enemy modifiers are. However, higher incursion tiers also give better rewards. Incursion Biomes have a minimum tier requirement. See in Incursion Rewards

Incursion Rewards[edit]

There are two categories of rewards, Default Rewards and Special Rewards.

Default rewards[edit]

Default Rewards includes Objective Rewards and Boss Drops. The Default rewards are shown as white items in the infobox of the gateway.

Certain Mob Drops only appear in Hunt Incursions while certain ores only appear in Extraction Incursions. These are collected as the player progress through the Objectives.

Special Rewards[edit]

The Special Rewards are shown as orange items in the infobox of the gateway and, upon defeating a boss, players can be rewarded with them. Such include upgraded Weapons and Armor, or Gateway tablets of equal or higher tiers.

Minimum tier Location Biome Boss Drops Hunt Rewards Extraction Rewards
1 Forest Deep Cave Shadow Essence Tungsten Ore
Snow Deep Cave Cryo Essence Glacial Ore
Swamp Deep Cave Bio Essence Mycelium Ore
Desert Deep Cave Primordial Essence Ancient Fossil Ore
2 Slime Cave Slime Essence Slime Matter Slimeum
Graveyard Blood Essence Phantom Dust Nightsteel Ore
Spider Castle Spider Essence Spider Venom Spiderite Ore
3 Sun Arena Dawn Armor Set
Moon Arena Dusk Armor Set

Area Modifiers[edit]

Area Modifiers are buffs for either the player or the enemy inside the Incursions. Green Buffs indicate player modifiers while Red Buffs indicate enemy modifiers.

V0.24 introduced Incursion modifiers that adds an effect to the Incursion.

List of possible buffs[edit]

Player Modifiers

  • Loot*
  • Movement Speed
  • Damage
  • Attack Speed

Enemy Modifiers

  • Health
  • Movement Speed
  • Damage

/*Loot buff affects both ore drops and enemy drops in an incursion, but not Boss Drops. For example, if an incursion has +30% Loot and an ore block only drops one piece of ore, it has a 30% chance to drop a second.

List of Incursion Modifiers[edit]

Modifier In Game Description Explanation
Alchemical Interference Buffs granted from potions have 50% less duration. Potions last half as long
Crawlmageddon All enemies are accompanied by a crawling zombie. A special incursion crawling zombie spawns with every enemy.
Explosive When enemies die, they leave an explosion in their wake. Enemies will spawn an explosion 1.5 seconds after death. It does not damage nearby terrain.
Flameling Infested A pesky flameling will occasionally spawn, wreaking havoc. The level attempts to spawn a flameling once every 10 seconds, and they will remain alive for 4 seconds. The 10 second cooldown starts after the flameling disappears. Flamelings shoot 18 fireballs in a circle.
Frenzy Enemies frenzy, increasing their attack and movement speed by 50% when below 40% health. Enemies deal 50% more damage and move 50% faster when low health.
Tremors Tremors occur every 25 seconds, reducing your movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds. Tremors slow only the player, and the 25 second cooldown starts after the last Tremor ended.