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Wiring items can be connected together with Wire to form automated or interactive creations.

(This page under construction.)

Wiring Overview[edit]

  • Normally, purely wiring-specific items such as Wires and Gates are invisible. However, holding certain wiring items, such as Wrench, Cutter, Gates, Switches, and Traps, will cause these invisible items to become visible, allowing the player to interact with them.
    • It can be useful to bring a wiring item into caves to allow the player to spot Wires generated by the game that may be connected to Traps and TNT.
  • There are four wire colors: red, green, blue, and yellow.
  • To place Wire, hold the Wrench and left-click. To remove Wire, hold the Cutter and left-click. While holding either tool, an interface box will appear allowing the player to select which colors to place or remove. The player may place/remove more than one color at a time.
    • Holding the Wrench, right-click a Gate to edit its properties.
      • Among other things, select how different colored Wires connected to the Gate are interpreted. For example, for the AND Gate, select which colors are inputs and which colors are outputs.
    • Holding the Cutter, right-click a Gate to remove it.
  • A Wire is connected to any Wiring item it is placed on top of.
  • A Wire is also connected to all adjacent Wires of the same color. The game automatically draws these connections as a visual aid, but the player only directly interacts with the Wires themselves.
  • Wires are not connected with Wires of different colors.
  • A set of connected Wires is either ON (lit up) or OFF (unlit). Normally it will be OFF, unless it is connected to a Wiring item (like a Gate output) that causes it to be ON.
  • Some Wiring items like Traps cannot be crafted and must be found in Caves.

Wiring Items[edit]

Examples of Use[edit]

Arrow Trap[edit]

This is a simple example of a Rock Lever connected to a Wood Arrow Trap.

Arrow trap example, no timer

  • Toggling the lever from OFF to ON will activate the arrow trap, firing a single arrow.
  • Traps will not activate faster than a certain cooldown period. Therefore, quickly toggling the lever on and off will not activate the trap faster than this cooldown.
  • The trap will fire in the direction the player was facing when placing the trap.

Arrow Trap With Timer[edit]

In this example, a Timer Gate causes the trap to repeatedly fire arrows.

Arrow trap example, with timer

  • The lever activates the timer. As long as the timer is active, it repeatedly causes the trap to fire arrows.
  • Here are the settings for the timer in this example. Edit/view timer settings by holding the Wrench and right-clicking the Timer Gate.

Timer setting for arrow trap example

  • Red wire activates the timer; green wire activates the arrow trap.
  • Every 22 ticks, the timer pulses the output, causing the arrow trap to fire an arrow.
  • Currently, trap cooldown is 20 ticks, so reducing the timer ticks below 20 will not cause the arrow trap to fire any faster.
  • Setting timer ticks to 20 will result in some of the timer pulses not causing the trap to fire. This is because the timer ticks is too close to the trap cooldown.
  • Therefore, setting timer ticks to slightly higher (22 in this example) will ensure that every timer pulse results in an arrow fire, which may be more visually pleasing.

Kill Maze for Raiders[edit]

A more complex Wiring example is a Kill Maze For Raiders.

Full List of Wiring Items[edit]

Name Type Effects
AND Gate.png AND Gate Gates Output is ON if all inputs are ON
Brick Door.png Brick Door Doors
Buffer Gate.png Buffer Gate Gates Repeatedly outputs a signal after a specified amount of time
Counter Gate.png Counter Gate Gates Counts input signals and outputs a signal at max count
Cutter.png Cutter Tools Remove Wires and Gates
Deep Sandstone Arrow Trap.png Deep Sandstone Arrow Trap Traps
Deep Sandstone Door.png Deep Sandstone Door Doors
Deep Sandstone Flame Trap.png Deep Sandstone Flame Trap Traps
Deep Snow Stone Arrow Trap.png Deep Snow Stone Arrow Trap Traps
Deep Snow Stone Door.png Deep Snow Stone Door Doors
Obsidian Flame Trap.png Deep Snow Stone Flame Trap Traps
Deep Snow Stone Pressure Plate.png Deep Snow Stone Pressure Plate Switches
Deep Stone Arrow Trap.png Deep Stone Arrow Trap Traps
Deep Stone Door.png Deep Stone Door Doors
Deep Stone Flame Trap.png Deep Stone Flame Trap Traps
Deep Stone Pressure Plate.png Deep Stone Pressure Plate Switches
Deep Swamp Stone Arrow Trap.png Deep Swamp Stone Arrow Trap Traps
Deep Swamp Stone Door.png Deep Swamp Stone Door Doors
Deep Swamp Stone Flame Trap.png Deep Swamp Stone Flame Trap Traps
Deep Swamp Stone Pressure Plate.png Deep Swamp Stone Pressure Plate Switches
Delay Gate.png Delay Gate Gates Turns ON/OFF a specified amount of time after the input
Dungeon Arrow Trap.png Dungeon Arrow Trap Traps
Dungeon Door.png Dungeon Door Doors
Dungeon Flame Trap.png Dungeon Flame Trap Traps
Dungeon Pressure Plate.png Dungeon Pressure Plate Switches
Dungeon Void Trap.png Dungeon Void Trap Traps
Fire Chalice.png Fire Chalice Lighting
Firework Dispenser.png Firework Dispenser Wiring Displays Launch firework rockets from 10-slot inventory
Gold Lamp.png Gold Lamp Lighting
Ice Arrow Trap.png Ice Arrow Trap Traps
Ice Door.png Ice Door Doors
Iron Fence Gate.png Iron Fence Gate Fence Gates
Iron Lamp.png Iron Lamp Lighting
LED Panel.png LED Panel Wiring Displays White if ON, black if OFF
NAND Gate.png NAND Gate Gates Output is OFF if all inputs are ON
NOR Gate.png NOR Gate Gates Output is OFF if any inputs are ON
OR Gate.png OR Gate Gates Output is ON if any inputs are ON
Obsidian Arrow Trap.png Obsidian Arrow Trap Traps
Obsidian Door.png Obsidian Door Doors
Obsidian Flame Trap.png Obsidian Flame Trap Traps
Palm Door.png Palm Door Doors
Pine Door.png Pine Door Doors
Rock Lever.png Rock Lever Switches
SR Latch Gate.png SR Latch Gate Gates Output becomes ON if activated, OFF if reset, and OFF if activated and reset.
Sandstone Arrow Trap.png Sandstone Arrow Trap Traps
Sandstone Door.png Sandstone Door Doors
Sandstone Flame Trap.png Sandstone Flame Trap Traps
Sandstone Pressure Plate.png Sandstone Pressure Plate Switches
Sensor Gate.png Sensor Gate Gates Output is ON if it detects a designated entity within a designated range
Snow Stone Arrow Trap.png Snow Stone Arrow Trap Traps
Snow Stone Door.png Snow Stone Door Doors
Snow Stone Pressure Plate.png Snow Stone Pressure Plate Switches
Sound Gate.png Sound Gate Gates Plays a music note when powered
Stone Arrow Trap.png Stone Arrow Trap Traps
Stone Door.png Stone Door Doors
Stone Fence Gate.png Stone Fence Gate Fence Gates
Stone Flame Trap.png Stone Flame Trap Traps
Stone Pressure Plate.png Stone Pressure Plate Switches
Swamp Stone Arrow Trap.png Swamp Stone Arrow Trap Traps
Swamp Stone Door.png Swamp Stone Door Doors
Swamp Stone Flame Trap.png Swamp Stone Flame Trap Traps
Swamp Stone Pressure Plate.png Swamp Stone Pressure Plate Switches
T flip-flop Gate.png T flip-flop Gate Gates Swaps output every time it receives input.
TNT.png TNT Misc Objects
Timer Gate.png Timer Gate Gates Outputs a delayed short signal after receiving an input
Torch.png Torch Lighting
Wire.png Wire Wiring
Wood Arrow Trap.png Wood Arrow Trap Traps
Wood Door.png Wood Door Doors
Wood Fence Gate.png Wood Fence Gate Fence Gates
Wood Pressure Plate.png Wood Pressure Plate Switches
Wrench.png Wrench Tools Place Wires, edit Gates
XOR Gate.png XOR Gate Gates Output is ON if exactly one input is ON