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The Necesse Wiki is an official, independent, MediaWiki-based wiki and encyclopedia that documents all of the content that can be found in the open world survival craft sandbox game Necesse, solely developed and published by Mads "Fair" Skovgaard. The wiki was also created by Fair on April 13, 2021.


This wiki provides detailed documentation on much of the content the game has to offer, such as the game mechanics (inventory, achievements, crafting, cooking, enchanting, etc.), what a world consists of (biomes, NPCs, monsters, animals, bosses, etc.), and the wide variety of items (equipment, materials, consumables, etc.).


Necesse was released in December 2019, though it was a pretty obscure game at release. However, due to the amount of content there is in the game, at some point, Fair wanted a wiki of his game to be made on Gamepedia by request, since he felt like he didn't have the time to do it by himself. However, since that feature became obsolete with the merger of Gamepedia to Fandom with no wiki ever being made from that platform, Fair decided to start the wiki independently from the platform on April 13, 2021.