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Achievements can be earned by completing each task stated below

Image Title Source
Artificer.png Artificer Enchant an item using the mage
Cloud Nine.png Cloud Nine Have a settler reach 100% happiness
Companionforadventure.png Companion For Adventure Get your first pet
Completecollector.png Complete Collector Obtain all possible items
Completehost.png Complete Host Have all possible settler professions live in the same settlement
Doityourself.png Do It Yourself Start a settlement
Doublecatch.png Double Catch Catch 2 fish in 1 throw
Firstofmany.png First of Many Defeat your first boss
Gettinghot.png Getting Hot Reach the deep caves
Grave Digger.png Grave Digger Find and dig up a gravestone
Headhunter.png Headhunter Recruit your first settler
Hoarder.png Hoarder Have an inventory full of different items
Instantnap.png Instant Nap Change your spawn point
Magicaldrop.png Magical Drop Increase max trinket slots
Marathonrunner.png Marathon Runner Run a full marathon on foot
Morethanahobby.png More Than A Hobby Fish up a total of 500 items
My Jam.png My Jam Listen to a vinyl on the music player
One Tapped.png One Tapped Kill a Zombie in a single hit
Rematch.png Rematch Defeat the Fallen Wizard
Selfproclaimed.png Self Proclaimed Wear a gold crown
Spelunker.png Spelunker Be careful to not get lost!
Timewasted.png Time Wasted Play the game for a full 24 hours
Too Easy.png Too Easy Kill a boss in less than 30 seconds
Tourist.png Tourist Visit all different biomes
Villagehelper.png Village Helper Complete a settlement quest tier
Washed Up.png Washed Up Defeat the Pirate Captain
Watch Me!.png Watch Me! Equip your first trinket ability