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Basic Quests are tasks given by the Elder in exchange for Quest Items. These quest items come from either fishing for a rare fish or from a rare drop from Monsters and Human Enemies. The reward is usually a few random common items from the game but there is a chance of a rare item being rewarded.

Boss quests are a one time quest to kill a Boss and return for a one time reward. Since the player can only perform this quest once, the rewards can be purchased from a Traveling Merchant once the quest is completed. To be offered a boss quest at least one basic quest must be completed or one basic quest completed since the last boss was killed. A boss quest does not have to be active to be completed. If a player kills a boss out of order, has no quest, or even a quest ready to turn in when the boss is killed for the first time, the Elder will default to that boss quest for completion.

The quest window in the upper left of the screen will appear when a quest is active. The quest window shows the object of the quest, where it comes from and the status of the quest.

Basic Quests[edit]


The following are basic settlement quests. The rewards are random.
Quest Obtained From Location
Basic Quests
Deliver Baby Shark.png Baby Shark Fishing in deep water Surface Ocean
Deliver Crab Claw.png Crab Claw Crabs Desert Biome Surface
Deliver Sand Ray.png Sand Ray Fishing in Desert Biome Desert Biome
Evil's Protector Tier
Deliver Zombie Arm.png Zombie Arm Zombies Caves or Surface at night
Deliver Goblin Ring.png Goblin Ring Goblins Forest Caves
Deliver Fake Fangs.png Fake Fangs Vampires Forest Caves or Snow Caves
Queen Spider Tier
Deliver Spider Leg.png Spider Leg Black Cave Spider Snow Caves
Deliver Baby Sword Fish.png Baby Sword Fish Fishing in Snow Caves Snow Caves
Void Wizard Tier
Deliver Enchanted Collar.png Enchanted Collar Enchanted Zombies Dungeon
Deliver Apprentice Scroll.png Apprentice Scroll Void Apprentice Dungeon
Deliver Dark Gem.png Dark Gem Void Apprentice Dungeon
Deliver Book.png Book (4) Dungeon bookshelves Dungeon
Swamp Guardian Tier
Deliver Slime Chunk.png Slime Chunk Swamp Slimes Swamp Caves
Deliver Swamp Eel.png Swamp Eel Fishing in Swamp Caves Swamp Caves
Deliver Slimy Launcher.png Slimy Launcher Swamp Shooters Swamp Caves
Ancient Vulture Tier
Deliver Mummy Bandage.png Mummy Bandage Mummies Desert Caves
Deliver Magic Sand.png Magic Sand Mummy Mage Desert Caves
Deliver Cave Oyster.png Cave Oyster Fishing in Desert Caves Desert Caves
Deliver Captured Spirit.png Captured Spirit Sand Spirit Desert Caves
Pirate Captain Tier
Deliver Peg Leg.png Peg Leg Pirates Pirate Island
Deliver Eye Patch.png Eye Patch Pirates Pirate Island
Deliver Rum Bottle.png Rum Bottle Pirates Pirate Island
Reaper Tier
Deliver Deep Spirit Swab.png Deep Spirit Swab Deep Cave Spirit Deep Forest Caves
Deliver Broken Limb.png Broken Limb Skeleton Deep Forest Caves
Cryo Queen Tier
Deliver Feral Tail.png Feral Tail Snow Wolf Deep Snow Caves
Deliver Razor Icicle.png Razor Icicle Cryo Flake Deep Snow Caves
Sage and Grit Tier
Deliver Worm Tooth.png Worm Tooth Sand Worm Deep Desert Caves
Deliver Crawlers Foot.png Crawlers Foot Desert Crawler Deep Desert Caves


For the completion of every quest the player is given one of the following rewards and 20-50 coins.

Weight Rewards
2000 3-6 of a random potion
400 2-5 Recall Scroll.png Recall Scroll
400 2-5 Travel Scroll.png Travel Scroll
200 Construction Hammer.png Construction Hammer
200 Telescopic Ladder.png Telescopic Ladder
200 Tool Extender.png Tool Extender
200 Item Attractor.png Item Attractor
200 Boxing Glove Gun.png Boxing Glove Gun
100 Infinite Water Bucket.png Infinite Water Bucket
100 Infinite Rope.png Infinite Rope
50 Horse Mask.png Horse Mask Horse Costume Shirt.png Horse Costume Shirt Horse Costume Boots.png Horse Costume Boots
50 Chicken Mask.png Chicken Mask Chicken Costume Shirt.png Chicken Costume Shirt Chicken Costume Boots.png Chicken Costume Boots

Based on the weight values almost half of the time the reward is potions.

Boss Quests[edit]