Coin Pouch

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Coin Pouch


Type: Pouches

Attack speed: 1

Shop: Traveling Merchant

  Price:   1200 - 1500

  Availability:   Post Pirate Captain quest

Broker value: 600

The Coin Pouch has no slots and can store an unlimited amount of Coins. Coins can be put in or taken out in stacks of 5000, the stored amount is displayed in the description of the pouch. If the pouch is in the player's inventory, picked up coins will be stored there by default instead of in the inventory slots. The same goes for trading, coins will be taken out or put into the pouch automatically.

The Coin Pouch is obtained as a unique settlement quest reward. After completing the Pirate Captain quest, it is sold by the Traveling Merchant for 1200 - 1500 gold.