Pirate Captain

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Pirate Captain


Type: Bosses

Health: Casual: 4500
Adventure: 6000
Classic: 7000
Hard: 8000
Brutal: 10000 "Casual:" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 4500.

Armor: 20

Damage: Collision: 50
Melee: 45
Cannon: 1-100

 Deep Ladder Down 100%  Coins (300-500) 100% Pirate Sheath 100% Drops one of the following:  Hand Cannon 33.33%  Pirate Telescope 33.33%  Spare Boat Parts 33.33%

Pirate Captain is the sixth boss and cannot be summoned. He is found in the center of pirate village islands.

The Pirate Captain enters the fight when the player is close to him or takes damage from the player, but if the player moves far away, the Pirate Captain will return to his place. First, it moves towards the player and if he is far away, then he shoots from a cannon, if he is close, he engages in hand-to-hand combat. Upon reaching 90% health, he will "climb" onto the ship and will be on it until the end of the battle.

During the battle Pirate Recruits and Pirate Parrots will spawn, so it is recommended to build a box around the Pirate Captain and kill him there, but make sure that the whole box is always in your field of vision, otherwise other pirates will spawn.

Upon Defeat, the Pirate Captain becomes a Broken Pirate and will stay there until the player makes them join their Settlement.