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Plants mostly grow naturally in all biomes. Some plants, such as Crops, can only be grown from seeds that the player finds while exploring the world.


Trees give logs and tree saplings that are used for crafting.

Trees Drops
Spruce Tree  Spruce Log Spruce Sapling
Oak Tree  Oak Log Oak Sapling
Palm Tree  Palm Log Palm Sapling
Pine Tree  Pine Log Pine Sapling
Willow Tree  Willow Log Willow Sapling

Fruit Trees[edit]

Fruit trees give logs, fruit tree saplings and fruits.

Fruit Trees Drops
Apple Tree  Spruce Log Apple Sapling Apple
Banana Tree  Palm Log Banana Sapling Banana
Coconut Tree  Palm Log Coconut Sapling Coconut
Lemon Tree  Spruce Log Lemon Sapling Lemon


Bushes give bush saplings and berries.

Bush Drops
Blackberry Bush  Blackberry Bush Sapling Blackberry
Blueberry Bush  Blueberry Bush Sapling Blueberry


Flowers give flowers seeds. Most of them can be used for Potions crafting.

Flower Drops
Caveglow  Caveglow Caveglow Sprout
Firemone  Firemone Firemone Seeds
Iceblossom  Iceblossom Iceblossom Seeds
Mushroom  Mushroom
Sunflower  Sunflower Sunflower Seeds
Thorns  Thorns


Crops give seeds and used for cooking.

Crop Drops
Cabbage  Cabbage Cabbage Seeds
Carrot  Carrot Carrot Seeds
Chili Pepper  Chili Pepper Chili Pepper Seeds
Coffee Beans  Coffee Beans
Corn  Corn Corn Seeds
Eggplant  Eggplant Eggplant Seeds
Onion  Onion Onion Seeds
Potato  Potato Potato Seeds
Pumpkin  Pumpkin Pumpkin Seeds
Rice Seeds  Rice Seeds
Strawberry  Strawberry Strawberry Seeds
Sugar Beet  Sugar Beet Sugar Beet Seeds
Tomato  Tomato Tomato Seeds
Wheat  Wheat Wheat Seeds

Other Plants[edit]

Other plants are used mainly for decorative purposes.

Plant Drops
Cactus  Cactus
Cattail  Cattail
Grass  Grass Seeds Worm Bait
Swamp Grass  Swamp Grass Seeds Swamp Larva
Water Grass  Water Grass