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Type: Raw Food

Type: Crops

Attack speed: 1

Effects: +10 Max Health

Tooltip: Nutrition: 15
Quality: Simple
4 minutes buff duration
Spoils in 8 hours

Broker value: 2

Seed:  Corn Seeds

Corn is a Raw Food item found in the Forest Caves. Corn can also be obtained by planting Corn Seeds in Farmland.

Corn can be consumed or used as an ingredient for Cooking. When consumed by the Player, it provides the following effects for 4 minutes:

  • +10 Max Health

When consumed by NPCs, it gives +10% to their Happiness

Corn spoilage time is 8 hours.



Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Popcorn (1)  Corn (4)  Cooking Pot
 Fish Taco (1)  Any Common Fish (1) Corn (2) Cabbage (1) Chili Pepper (1)  Cooking Pot
 Nachos (1)  Corn (2) Flour (1) Cheese (2) Tomato (2) Chili Pepper (1)  Cooking Pot
 Tropical Stew (1)  Coconut (2) Eggplant (2) Chili Pepper (1) Corn (1)  Cooking Pot
 Fresh Potato Salad (1)  Potato (4) Cabbage (1) Corn (2) Apple (2)  Cooking Pot