Chili Pepper

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Chili Pepper


Type: Crops

Type: Raw Food

Attack speed: 1

Effects: +15 Nutrition
+2% Movement Speed

Tooltip: 4 Minutes duration

Broker value: 2

Seed:  Chili Pepper Seeds

Chili Pepper is a raw food item and is used in some Cooking recipes.


Chili Peppers can be found in Snow Caves or Swamp Caves. Chili Peppers may also be obtained via planting Chili Pepper Seeds in Farmland.

- A field of fully grown Chilli Peppers on Farmland waiting to be harvested



Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Smoked Fillet (1)  Any Common Fish (1) Cabbage (1) Chili Pepper (1)  Cooking Pot
 Fish Taco (1)  Any Common Fish (1) Corn (2) Cabbage (1) Chili Pepper (1)  Cooking Pot
 Nachos (1)  Corn (2) Flour (1) Cheese (2) Tomato (2) Chili Pepper (1)  Cooking Pot
 Tropical Stew (1)  Coconut (2) Eggplant (2) Chili Pepper (1) Corn (1)  Cooking Pot
 Sushi Rolls (1)  Rice (4) Any Common Fish (1) Eggplant (2) Carrot (2) Chili Pepper (2)  Cooking Pot
 Shish Kebab (1)  Beef (1) Raw Pork (1) Tomato (2) Eggplant (2) Onion (1) Chili Pepper (1)  Cooking Pot