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Type: Objects

Seeds are used to grow crops or flowers by planting them in Farmland tiles.

Seeds can be found in underground chests, and vary per biome. Crops seeds may also be purchased via the Farmer, although the type sold will be based on the world's progression.


Seed Growth Crop Found in
Cabbage Seeds.png Cabbage Seeds Growing Cabbage.gif Cabbage.png Cabbage Forest Caves & Snow Caves
Carrot Seeds.png Carrot Seeds Growing Carrot.gif Carrot.png Carrot Desert Caves
Chili Pepper Seeds.png Chili Pepper Seeds Growing Chili Pepper.gif Chili Pepper.png Chili Pepper Snow Caves & Swamp Caves
Coffee Beans.png Coffee Beans Growing Coffee Beans.gif Coffee Beans.png Coffee Beans Deep Desert Caves
Corn Seeds.png Corn Seeds Growing Corn.gif Corn.png Corn Forest Caves
Eggplant Seeds.png Eggplant Seeds Growing Eggplant.gif Eggplant.png Eggplant Swamp Caves & Desert Caves
Onion Seeds.png Onion Seeds Growing Onion.gif Onion.png Onion Deep Forest Caves & Deep Swamp Caves
Potato Seeds.png Potato Seeds Growing Potato.gif Potato.png Potato Swamp Caves & Desert Caves
Pumpkin Seeds.png Pumpkin Seeds Growing Pumpkin.gif Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Deep Snow Caves & Deep Swamp Caves
Rice Seeds.png Rice Seeds Growing Rice.gif Rice Seeds.png Rice Seeds Desert Caves
Strawberry Seeds.png Strawberry Seeds Growing Strawberry.gif Strawberry.png Strawberry Deep Snow Caves & Deep Desert Caves
Sugar Beet Seeds.png Sugar Beet Seeds Growing Sugar Beet.gif Sugar Beet.png Sugar Beet Snow Caves & Swamp Caves
Tomato Seeds.png Tomato Seeds Growing Tomato.gif Tomato.png Tomato Forest Caves & Snow Caves
Wheat Seeds.png Wheat Seeds Growing Wheat.gif Wheat.png Wheat Forest Caves


Seed Growth Flower Found in
Caveglow Sprout.png Caveglow Sprout Growing Caveglow.gif Caveglow.png Caveglow Deep Forest Caves or Deep Swamp Caves
Firemone Seeds.png Firemone Seeds Growing Firemone.gif Firemone.png Firemone Villages or Forest
Iceblossom Seeds.png Iceblossom Seeds Growing Iceblossom.gif Iceblossom.png Iceblossom Villages or Snow
Mushroom.png Mushroom Growing Mushroom.gif Mushroom.png Mushroom Villages or Swamp and Swamp Caves
Sunflower Seeds.png Sunflower Seeds Growing Sunflower.gif Sunflower.png Sunflower Villages or Plains