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The player can earn coins by trading with some NPCs. They, with the exception of the Pawnbroker, only buy certain goods. The Pawnbroker is the only NPC who will buy everything from the player, but at a lower price.
The player can also buy items from NPCs. Some items are only available for purchase after certain conditions have been fulfilled, such as defeating Bosses.

NPC buys[edit]

NPC Tradable items
Alchemist  Sunflower Firemone Iceblossom Caveglow
Angler  Gobfish Halffish Furfish Icefish Swampfish Rockfish Terrorfish
Blacksmith BarsMinerals Broken Copper Tool Broken Iron Tool
Broken Pirate  Gold Bar
Farmer  Sunflower Wheat
Gunsmith BarsMinerals Broken Copper Tool Broken Iron Tool
Hunter  Wool Leather
Mage  Bat Wing Void Shard Ectoplasm
Pawnbroker Everything
Stylist  Wool Leather
Traveling Merchant  Map Fragment

NPC sells[edit]

NPC Shop
Alchemist  Firework Rocket Health Potion Speed Potion Combat Regen Potion Attack Speed Potion
Angler  Worm Bait Anglers Bait
Animal Keeper  Inefficient Feather Wet Icicle Exotic Seeds
Blacksmith  Iron Pickaxe Iron Fishing Rod
Broken Pirate  Gold Bar Hand Cannon Cutlass Flintlock Genie Lamp Lifeline Pirate Telescope Spare Boat Parts Gold Fishing Rod Map Fragment Gold Chair Gold Dinner Table Siege Vinyl (Boss 6) Iron Bomb Dynamite Stick
Farmer  Rope Farmer Hat Farmer Shirt Farmer Shoes Farming Scythe FertilizerSeedsSaplings
Gunsmith  Simple Bullet Handgun Machine Gun Shotgun Sniper Rifle Death Ripper Ammo Box
Hunter  Iron Bow Stone Arrow Fire Arrow Iron Arrow Ninja Star Ice Javelin Magical Quiver
Mage  Book Homestone Waystone Void Staff Void Missile Recall Scroll Travel Scroll Magic Stilts Genie Lamp
Stylist  Captains Hat Captains Shirt Plague Mask Plague Robe Plague Boots Sailor Hat Sailor Shirt Sailor Shoes Shirt Shoes Surgical Mask Wig
Traveling Merchant  Rope Local Pirate Map Brain on a Stick Ninjas Mark Blink Scepter Banner Stand Jumping Ball Hoverboard Recall Flask Portal FlaskPouches Hula Hat Hula Skirt With Top Hula Skirt Jester Hat Jester Shirt Jester Boots Sunglasses Snow Hood Snow Cloak Snow Boots Swimsuit Swim Trunks Portable Music Player