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The player can earn coins by trading with some NPCs. They, with the exception of the Pawnbroker, only buy certain goods. The Pawnbroker is the only NPC who will buy everything from the player, but at a lower price.
The player can also buy items from NPCs. Some items are only available for purchase after certain conditions have been fulfilled, such as defeating Bosses.

NPC buys[edit]

NPC Tradable items
Alchemist.pngAlchemist Sunflower.png SunflowerFiremone.png FiremoneIceblossom.png IceblossomCaveglow.png Caveglow
Angler.pngAngler Gob Fish.png GobfishHalf Fish.png HalffishFur Fish.png FurfishIce Fish.png IcefishSwamp Fish.png SwampfishRockfish.png RockfishTerror Fish.png Terrorfish
Blacksmith.pngBlacksmith Iron Bar.pngBarsQuartz.pngMineralsBroken Copper Tool.gif Broken Copper ToolBroken Iron Tool.gif Broken Iron Tool
Broken Pirate.pngBroken Pirate Gold Bar.png Gold Bar
Farmer.pngFarmer Sunflower.png SunflowerWheat.png Wheat
Gunsmith.pngGunsmith Iron Bar.pngBarsQuartz.pngMineralsBroken Copper Tool.gif Broken Copper ToolBroken Iron Tool.gif Broken Iron Tool
Hunter.pngHunter Wool.png WoolLeather.png Leather
Mage.pngMage Bat Wing.png Bat WingVoid Shard.png Void ShardEctoplasm.png Ectoplasm
Pawnbroker.pngPawnbroker Everything
Stylist.pngStylist Wool.png WoolLeather.png Leather
Traveling Merchant.pngTraveling Merchant Map Fragment.png Map Fragment

NPC sells[edit]

NPC Shop
Alchemist.pngAlchemist Firework Rocket.png Firework RocketHealth Potion.png Health PotionSpeed Potion.png Speed PotionCombat Regen Potion.png Combat Regen PotionAttack Speed Potion.png Attack Speed Potion
Angler.pngAngler Worm Bait.png Worm BaitAnglers Bait.png Anglers Bait
Animal Keeper.pngAnimal Keeper Inefficient Feather.png Inefficient FeatherWet Icicle.png Wet IcicleExotic Seeds.png Exotic Seeds
Blacksmith.pngBlacksmith Iron Pickaxe.png Iron PickaxeIron Fishing Rod.png Iron Fishing Rod
Broken Pirate.pngBroken Pirate Gold Bar.png Gold BarHand Cannon.png Hand CannonCutlass.png CutlassFlintlock.png FlintlockGenie Lamp.png Genie LampLifeline.png LifelinePirate Telescope.png Pirate TelescopeSpare Boat Parts.png Spare Boat PartsGold Fishing Rod.png Gold Fishing RodMap Fragment.png Map FragmentGold Chair.png Gold ChairGold Dinner Table.png Gold Dinner TableSiege Vinyl (Boss 6).png Siege Vinyl (Boss 6)Iron Bomb.png Iron BombDynamite Stick.png Dynamite Stick
Farmer.pngFarmer Rope.png RopeFarmer Hat.png Farmer HatFarmer Shirt.png Farmer ShirtFarmer Shoes.png Farmer ShoesFarming Scythe.png Farming ScytheFertilizer.png FertilizerSunflower Seeds.pngSeedsApple Sapling.pngSaplings
Gunsmith.pngGunsmith Simple Bullet.png Simple BulletHandgun.png HandgunMachine Gun.png Machine GunShotgun.png ShotgunSniper Rifle.png Sniper RifleDeath Ripper.png Death RipperAmmo Box.png Ammo Box
Hunter.pngHunter Iron Bow.png Iron BowStone Arrow.png Stone ArrowFire Arrow.png Fire ArrowIron Arrow.png Iron ArrowNinja Star.png Ninja StarIce Javelin.png Ice JavelinMagical Quiver.png Magical Quiver
Mage.pngMage Book.png BookHomestone.png HomestoneWaystone.png WaystoneVoid Staff.png Void StaffVoid Missile.png Void MissileRecall Scroll.png Recall ScrollTravel Scroll.png Travel ScrollMagic Stilts.png Magic StiltsGenie Lamp.png Genie Lamp
Stylist.pngStylist Captains Hat.png Captains HatCaptains Shirt.png Captains ShirtPlague Mask.png Plague MaskPlague Robe.png Plague RobePlague Boots.png Plague BootsSailor Hat.png Sailor HatSailor Shirt.png Sailor ShirtSailor Shoes.png Sailor ShoesShirt.gif ShirtShoes.gif ShoesSurgical Mask.png Surgical MaskWig.gif Wig
Traveling Merchant.pngTraveling Merchant Rope.png RopeLocal Pirate Map.png Local Pirate MapBrain on a Stick.png Brain on a StickNinjas Mark.png Ninjas MarkBlink Scepter.png Blink ScepterBanner Stand Invisible.png Banner StandJumping Ball.png Jumping BallHoverboard-Mount.gif HoverboardRecall Flask.png Recall FlaskPortal Flask.png Portal FlaskVoid Pouch.pngPouchesHula Hat.png Hula HatHula Skirt With Top.png Hula Skirt With TopHula Skirt.png Hula SkirtJester Hat.png Jester HatJester Shirt.png Jester ShirtJester Boots.png Jester BootsSunglasses.png SunglassesSnow Hood.png Snow HoodSnow Cloak.png Snow CloakSnow Boots.png Snow BootsSwimsuit.png SwimsuitSwim Trunks.png Swim TrunksPortable Music Player.png Portable Music Player