Map Fragment

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Map Fragment


Type: Drops

Attack speed: 1

Shop: Broken Pirate

  Price:   100 - 200

  Availability:   Always

Broker value: 30

The Map Fragment is an item that can drops from Monsters. It can also be purchased from the Broken Pirate. It is recommended to sell map fragments to the Traveling Merchant instead of the Pawnbroker as its selling value is a random number between 40 and 80 coins, which is at least 10 more coins than if you were to sell directly to the Pawnbroker.



Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Local Pirate Map (1)  Map Fragment (4) Coins (50)  Demonic Workstation
 Local Village Map (1)  Map Fragment (2) Inventory
 Local Dungeon Map (1)  Map Fragment (2) Inventory
 Cartographer Table (1)  Any Log (10) Map Fragment (2)  Workstation