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Type: Settler

The Angler can be found in Villages. He sells Bait.

The Angler will buy Gobfish, Halffish, Furfish, Icefish, Swampfish, Rockfish and Terrorfish from a player. He can be sent on fishing trips after moving in.

Once sent on a fishing trip the Angler will leave the settlement for a short time and come back with the chosen Fish.

The Angler is the only Settler who does fishing work. He can also do hauling, crafting, forestry and farming tasks.

The Angler will join your settlement for Gold, Gobfish, Halffish, Furfish, Icefish, Swampfish

The Angler buys:
Name Price Availability
Gobfish 16 - 25 Always
Halffish 16 - 25 Always
Furfish 16 - 25 Always
Icefish 16 - 25 Always
Swampfish 16 - 25 Always
Rockfish 16 - 25 Always
Terrorfish 30 - 45 Always


Name Price Availability
 Worm Bait 5 - 16 Always
 Anglers Bait 10 - 25 Always