Bat Wing

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Bat Wing

Bat Wing.png


Type: Drops

Broker value: 10 Coin Currency.png

Bat Wing is a crafting material dropped by Vampires found in the Caves and Vampire Crypts.



Result Ingredients Crafting Station
Blood Bolt.png Blood Bolt (1) Book.png Book (1)Bat Wing.png Bat Wing (10) Workstation.png Workstation
Blood Volley.png Blood Volley (1) Blood Bolt.png Blood Bolt (1)Void Shard.png Void Shard (10)Bat Wing.png Bat Wing (10) Demonic Workstation.png Demonic Workstation
Frost Staff.png Frost Staff (1) Frost Shard.png Frost Shard (16)Bat Wing.png Bat Wing (8) Iron Anvil.png Iron Anvil
Mining Potion.png Mining Potion (1) Bat Wing.png Bat Wing (2)Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (1)Glass Bottle.png Glass Bottle (1) Alchemy Table.png Alchemy Table
Mysterious Portal.png Mysterious Portal (1) Demonic Bar.png Demonic Bar (2)Bat Wing.png Bat Wing (2) Demonic Workstation.png Demonic Workstation
Speed Potion.png Speed Potion (1) Bat Wing.png Bat Wing (2)Glass Bottle.png Glass Bottle (1) Alchemy Table.png Alchemy Table
Wood Staff.png Wood Staff (1) Any Log.gif Any Log (10)Gold Bar.png Gold Bar (5)Bat Wing.png Bat Wing (2) Workstation.png Workstation