Mini Biomes

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The Mini Biomes are biomes small in size. You can find them in all major Biomes.

Surface Ruins[edit]

Can be found on every island.

Forest Island.png

Underground Ruins[edit]

Can be found in all Caves and Deep Caves.

Underground Ruins.png

Vampire Crypt[edit]

Can be found in Forest Caves and Snow Caves.

Vampire Crypt.png

Spider Nest[edit]

Can be found in Forest, Snow and Swamp Caves. Spider webs continuously spawn in this biome.

Spider Nest.png

Small Treasure Room[edit]

Small treasure rooms with and without a Trap spawn in all biomes and caves.

Small Treasure Room.png

Treasure Room[edit]

Treasure Room.png


Thorns mini biome in the Swamp Caves.

Thorns Mini Biome.png

Ancient Statue Hall[edit]

Ancient Statue mini biome in the Desert Caves.

Ancient Statue Hall.png

Abandoned Castle[edit]

A mini biome in the Deep Forest Caves.

Abandoned Castle.png