Queen Spider

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Queen Spider


Type: Bosses

Health: Casual: 3500
Adventure: 4000
Classic: 4500
Hard: 5000
Brutal: 6000 "Casual:" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 3500.

Armor: 5

Damage: Collision: 28
Spit: 24

 Cave Spider Gland (10-20) 100% Drops one of the following:  Spider Claw 25%  Spider Charm 25%  Webbed Gun 25%  Frost Piercer 25%

The Queen Spider is the second boss that can be summoned by destroying an egg in a spider nest within the snow caves, or by using a Royal Egg in snow caves.

She can run, charge, spit venom that forms venom pools on the ground and release eggs which hatch into hostile baby spiders.

The Queen Spider is a huge spider that can pass through walls. Due to the distance she travels while running, it is recommended to fight her in an open space in order to dodge her and attack her when she goes into stationary phases (since she can still successfully perform them while standing in a wall, preventing counter attacks). She also can spit out venom which will form pools on the ground that damages players who run over them before they dissipate, limiting the paths one can travel safely. As such, it is recommended to carve out a large room with a pickaxe and then light it fairly well to avoid monster spawns before summoning the queen.

The Queen Spider has 4 main phases of attacks. Two are very mobile where she either runs at the player or does a more rapid charge. She does this by running in straight lines at players. Due to these attack being the said straight lines, it is possible to dodge out of the way with proper timing and buffs. The one main stationary phase is where she will stand still and eject multiple eggs. This can be a good time to attack, but it could be a good time to destroy the eggs before they hatch. Once they hatch, they will run to the nearest player and attack. The other non-mobile phase she till start spitting venom at players. The venomous spit will form pools where they land causing damage if they are stepped on. She will keep rotating these phases until she dies.


v. 0.21.22:

  • Added Frost Piercer summon weapon as a new drop.

v. 0.21.12:

  • Changed collision damage from 32 to 28.
  • Changed spit damage from 28 to 24.