Cave Spider Gland

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Cave Spider Gland


Type: Drops

Attack speed: 1

Broker value: 15

Cave Spider Gland is a crafting material mainly used to make armor and weapons. It is dropped by Giant Cave Spiders found in Spider Nests



Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Royal Egg (1)  Demonic Bar (4) Frost Shard (4) Cave Spider Gland (4)  Demonic Workstation
 Widow Helmet (1)  Silk (12) Mycelium Bar (8) Cave Spider Gland (6)  Advanced Workstation
 Widow Chestplate (1)  Silk (16) Mycelium Bar (10) Cave Spider Gland (8)  Advanced Workstation
 Widow Boots (1)  Silk (8) Mycelium Bar (6) Cave Spider Gland (4)  Advanced Workstation
 Spider Boomerang (1)  Cave Spider Gland (8)  Workstation
 Venom Staff (1)  Cave Spider Gland (10)  Workstation
 Spider Staff (1)  Cave Spider Gland (12)  Workstation
 Spider Helmet (1)  Cave Spider Gland (7)  Workstation
 Spider Chestplate (1)  Cave Spider Gland (10)  Workstation
 Spider Boots (1)  Cave Spider Gland (4)  Workstation
 Poison Arrow (50)  Stone Arrow (50) Cave Spider Gland (1) Inventory


v. 0.21.19: Updated texture to include new spider swamp variant.