Ancient Vulture

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Ancient Vulture

Ancient Vulture.png


Type: Bosses

Health: 6500

Armor: 20

Damage: Collision: 43
Feather: 47

Vulture Mask.png Vulture Mask 10% Drops one of the following: Vultures Talon.png Vultures Talon 33% Vultures Burst.png Vultures Burst 33% Vulture Staff.png Vulture Staff 33%

Ancient Vulture is the fifth boss and can be summoned in the desert with an Ancient Statue.

First it flies in circles and spawns vulture eggs, which if you don't destroy the eggs will spawn and fight against you. Be careful, because his movements are unpredictable! Later, it flies directly over the player and fires projectiles at them.

It is recommended to kill him in a desert village, because NPCs will help you there, but then you will not be able to use weapons (except for the summoner) and the armor should not be non-swamp, otherwise you will accidentally hurt the NPCs and they will attack you.