Blood Bolt

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Blood Bolt


Type: Weapons

Magic damage: 13

Attack speed: 2

Knockback: 25

Attack range: 1000

Attack velocity: 120

Broker value: 60

Attack sprite

The Blood Bolt is an early game magic weapon. It fires a projectile similar to Vampires but homing. It can either be crafted or found in Vampire Crypt stone coffins. The projectile is homing and gives out red light, which makes it an excellent early weapon for scouting darker areas.

It has an upgraded version in the form of the Blood Volley.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Blood Bolt (1)  Book (1) Bat Wing (10)  Workstation


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Blood Volley (1)  Blood Bolt (1) Void Shard (10) Bat Wing (10)  Demonic Workstation