Dynamite Stick

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Dynamite Stick


Type: Weapons

Damage: 200

Attack speed: 2

Knockback: 25

Attack range: 500

Attack velocity: 100

Shop: Broken Pirate

  Price:   100 - 160

  Availability:   Always

Broker value: 60

Dynamite Sticks are an explosive that can be found in various loot chests around the world or bought from the Broken Pirate. When thrown they will travel for a bit and then explode, dealing damage to all mobs and objects around it. This makes them effective at mining veins of ores and can even mine deep cave ores. A downgraded version exists in the form of Iron Bomb

The explosion has a range of 200 (6.25 tiles). This explosion can break both player-made walls and cave walls depending on the player's highest equipped Tool tier +1.



Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 TNT (1)  Dynamite Stick (4) Wire (10)  Demonic Workstation