Pest Warden

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Pest Warden


Type: Bosses

Health: Casual: 24000
Adventure: 38000
Classic: 45000
Hard: 50000
Brutal: 58000 "Casual:" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 24000.

Armor: 30

Damage: Head: 85
Body: 55
Knockback: 150

Drops one of the following:  Venom Slasher 25%  Venom Shower 25%  Living Shotty 25%  Swamps Grasp 25%

The Pest Warden is the ninth boss. It can be summoned in the Deep Swamp Caves using a Decaying Leaf.

The Pest Warden takes 90% less damage from AoE. It also has resistances to fire, poison, and frost damage. Pest Warden gains the buff hardened while it circles the player, making it take reduced damage. However, it doesn't shoot any projectiles like the Swamp Guardian


v. 0.21.25:

  • Added to game


As usual, before fighting the boss it helps to prepare an arena by clearing a large area of the stone. Also clear any mud or other terrain that may slow movement. Use Iron Bombs, Dynamite Sticks, and Tile Bombs to speed up the work.

During the fight, try to avoid being trapped by the Pest Warden's slow, looping charge attacks and very long body. It is recommended to zoom the game view out as far as possible. Eventually, the Pest Warden will begin a tight circle around the player for a period of time. Attack as able but be careful of the tightening coils, or it will not end well. It will then break out of its circling pattern and prepare to charge again, getting faster as it takes more damage. Using the Aged Champion Shield's ability can block damage from unavoidable contact; the player can find the shield in loot rooms within the Deep Swamp Caves itself.

Iron Bombs and Dynamite Sticks can hit multiple segments, but the Pest Warden's resistance to AoE renders the damage a bit less effective than usual.