Pest Warden

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Pest Warden

Pest Warden.png


Type: Bosses

Health: 45000

Armor: 30

Damage: Head: 85
Body: 55
Knockback: 150

Drops one of the following: VenomslasherInventory.png Venom Slasher 25% Venom Shower.png Venom Shower 25% Living Shotty.png Living Shotty 25% Swamps Grasp.png Swamps Grasp 25%

The Pest Warden is the ninth boss. It can be summoned in the Deep Swamp Caves using a Decaying Leaf.

The Pest Warden takes 90% less damage from aoe, it also has resistances to fire, poison and frost damage.

When the Pest Warden uses it's 'circling' attack it gains the buff hardened, making it take reduced damage.

He doesn't shoot any projectiles like Swamp Guardian


v. 0.21.25:

  • Added to game


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