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Type: Equipment

Attack speed: 1

  • Banners can be held in a player's hand, to provide a buff to all nearby players.
  • Banners can also be placed in a Banner Stand so they need not be held by the player. The Banner Stand can be obtained after completing the Cryo Queen Quest, given by the Elder. Thereafter it will be sold by the Traveling Merchant.
  • Buffs from different banners stack.
  • Buffs from the potions used to make them stack with banner buffs.
  • Banners do not affect Settlers.
  • Banners are typically used by placing them in banner stands before boss fights.


Name Effects
 Banner of Damage +15% damage
 Banner of Defense Reduce damage taken by 10%
 Banner of Speed +30% speed
 Banner of Summon Speed +75% summons speed