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Name Tooltip Effect Source
Ablaze Buff.png Ablaze Ablaze +5 fire damage Fire Stone
Accuracy Potion Buff.png Accuracy Potion Accuracy Potion +10% crit chance Accuracy Potion
Ancient Fossil set cooldown Buff.png Ancient Fossil set cooldown Ancient Fossil set cooldown - Ancient Fossil Set Bonus
Attack Speed Potion Buff.png Attack Speed Potion Attack Speed Potion +15% attack speed Attack Speed Potion
Bad food consumed Buff.png Bad food consumed Bad food consumed Consumed food effects Beef, Raw Mutton, Raw Pork, Rabbit Leg
Banner of Damage Buff.png Banner of Damage Banner of Damage +15% damage Banner of Damage
Banner of Defense Buff.png Banner of Defense Banner of Defense 90% damage taken Banner of Defense
Banner of Speed Buff.png Banner of Speed Banner of Speed +30% movement speed Banner of Defense
Banner of Summon Speed Buff.png Banner of Summon Speed Banner of Summon Speed +75% summons speed Banner of Defense
Battle Potion Buff.png Battle Potion Battle Potion +10% damage Battle Potion
Broken armor Buff.png Broken armor Broken armor -50% armor Void Wizard
Building Potion Buff.png Building Potion Building Potion +50% building speed Building Potion
Campfire nearby Buff.png Campfire nearby Campfire nearby
Mob spawns reduced
Out of combat health regeneration
+2 regen
-50% mob spawn rate
Chilled Buff.png Chilled Chilled 20% movement slow Polar Claw, Glacial Circlet
Combat Regen Potion Buff.png Combat Regen Potion Combat Regen Potion +0.5 combat regen Combat Regen Potion
Dash cooldown Buff.png Dash cooldown Dash cooldown - Dash
Fire Resistance Potion Buff.png Fire Resistance Potion Fire Resistance Potion Max 0% fire damage Fire Resistance Potion
Fishing Potion Buff.png Fishing Potion Fishing Potion +20% fishing power
+1 fishing lines
Fishing Potion
Food consumed Buff.png Food consumed Food consumed Consumed food effects Food
Freezing Buff.png Freezing Freezing 30% movement slow
+3 frost damage
Frost Stone
Frostburn Buff.png Frostburn Frostburn 30% movement slow
+7 frost damage
Frost Flame
Guardian Shell cooldown Buff.png Guardian Shell cooldown Guardian Shell cooldown - Guardian Shell
Haunted Buff.png Haunted Haunted +5 poison damage Shadow Set Bonus
Health potion fatigue Buff.png Health potion fatigue Health potion fatigue - Health Potions
Hungry Buff.png Hungry Hungry
No health regeneration
Max 0% regen
Max 0% combat regen
Invisibility Potion Buff.png Invisibility Potion Invisibility Potion Enables invisibility Invisibility Potion
Ivy Poison Buff.png Ivy Poison Ivy Poison +3 poison damage Ivy Set Bonus
Knockback Potion Buff.png Knockback Potion Knockback Potion +50% knockback Knockback Potion
Mining Potion Buff.png Mining Potion Mining Potion +40% mining speed Mining Potion
Minion Potion Buff.png Minion Potion Minion Potion +1 max summons Minion Potion
Ninja set bonus Buff.png Ninja set bonus Removes movement speed
reduction when attacking
-100% attack movement penalty Ninja Set Bonus
On fire Buff.png On fire On fire +2 fire damage Lava, Flame Traps
Passive Potion Buff.png Passive Potion Passive Potion Max 10% mob spawn rate Passive Potion
Ranger Potion Buff.png Ranger Potion Ranger Potion +10% ranged damage Ranger Potion
Rapid Potion Buff.png Rapid Potion Rapid Potion +50% projectile velocity Rapid Potion
Recent lifeline Buff.png Recent lifeline Recent lifeline - Lifeline
Resistance Potion Buff.png Resistance Potion Resistance Potion +8 armor Resistance Potion
Settlement flag nearby Buff.png Settlement flag nearby Settlement flag nearby
Mob spawns reduced significantly
Max 20% mob spawn rate
Max 50% mob spawn cap
Settlement Flag
Speed Potion Buff.png Speed Potion Speed Potion +20% movement speed Speed Potion
Spelunker Potion Buff.png Spelunker Potion Spelunker Potion Enables spelunker Spelunker Potion
Spider Charm Poison Buff.png Spider Charm Poison Spider Charm Poison +8 poison damage Spider Charm
Spider venom Buff.png Spider venom Spider venom +2 poison damage Spider Set Bonus
Stamina Buff.png Stamina Stamina -
Starving Buff.png Starving Starving
No health regeneration
Slowed by 25%
Min 25% movement slow
25% movement slow
Max 0% regen
Max 0% combat regen
Stink Flask Buff.png Stink Flask Stink Flask +50% mob spawn rate
+50% mob spawn cap
Min 140 mob spawn light threshold
+50% target range
Stink Flask
Strength Potion Buff.png Strength Potion Strength Potion +10% melee damage Strength Potion
Summoned mob Buff.png Summoned mob Summoned mob -
Summoned mount Buff.png Summoned mount Summoned mount -
Summoned pet Buff.png Summoned pet Summoned pet -
Teleport sickness Buff.png Teleport sickness Teleport sickness
Unable to teleport again
- Recall Scroll, Travel Scroll, Recall Flask
Thorns Potion Buff.png Thorns Potion Thorns Potion - Thorns Potion
Treasure Potion Buff.png Treasure Potion Treasure Potion Enables treasure hunter Treasure Potion
Void set cooldown Buff.png Void set cooldown Void set cooldown - Void Set Bonus
Wisdom Potion Buff.png Wisdom Potion Wisdom Potion +10% magic damage Wisdom Potion
Shadowhoodset Buff.png shadowhoodset +10% damage +10% damage Shadow Set Bonus
Hidden Buff.png airvesseltrinket airvesseltrinket
Adds 2 dash charges
+2 dash stacks Air Vessel
Hidden Buff.png ammoboxtrinket ammoboxtrinket
Reduces bullet usage by 75%
-75% bullet usage Ammo Box
Hidden Buff.png ancientfeathertrinket ancientfeathertrinket
Increases projectile velocity by 50%
+50% projectile velocity Ancient Feather
Hidden Buff.png ancientfossilsetbonus Press [input=setability] to gain 100% crit chance for 5 seconds -
Hidden Buff.png ancientrelicstrinket ancientrelicstrinket
Adds 2 dash charges
Reduces dash cooldowns by 25%
+2 dash stacks
-25% dash cooldown
Ancient Relics
Hidden Buff.png balancedfocitrinket balancedfocitrinket
Increases all damage dealt by 20%
+20% damage Balanced Foci
Hidden Buff.png blinksceptertrinket blinksceptertrinket - Blink Scepter
Hidden Buff.png bonehilttrinket bonehilttrinket
Increases armor penetration by 20
+20 armor penetration Bone Hilt
Hidden Buff.png bossnearby bossnearby Max 10% mob spawn rate
Max 50% mob spawn cap
Hidden Buff.png cactusshieldtrinket cactusshieldtrinket
Gives 4 armor
Has a chance to return damage
+4 armor Cactus Shield
Hidden Buff.png calmingminersbouquettrinket calmingminersbouquettrinket
Increases tool damage by 40%
Increases mining speed by 25%
Reduces mob spawn rate
+40% tool damage
+25% mining speed
Max 40% mob spawn rate
Calming Miners Bouquet
Hidden Buff.png calmingrosetrinket calmingrosetrinket
Reduces mob spawn rate
Max 40% mob spawn rate Calming Rose
Hidden Buff.png constructionhammertrinket constructionhammertrinket
Increases building speed
+50% building speed Construction Hammer
Hidden Buff.png coppersetbonus +1 armor +1 armor
Hidden Buff.png demonclawtrinket demonclawtrinket
Gives knockback resistance
Max 0% incoming knockback Demon Claw
Hidden Buff.png demonicsetbonus +3 armor
+10% crit chance
+10% crit chance
+3 armor
Hidden Buff.png diggingclawtrinket diggingclawtrinket
+50% tool damage
+50% mining speed
-2 mining range
+50% tool damage
+50% mining speed
-2 mining range
Digging Claw
Hidden Buff.png equipmentbuff equipmentbuff -
Hidden Buff.png explorercloaktrinket explorercloaktrinket
Gives land and sea mobility out of combat
Extends travel and biome view range by 1
+15% movement speed
+5 movement speed
+100% swim speed
+1 travel distance
+1 biome view distance
Explorer Cloak
Hidden Buff.png finstrinket finstrinket
Doubles swim speed
+100% swim speed Fins
Hidden Buff.png firedance firedance 10% damage taken
Hidden Buff.png firestonetrinket firestonetrinket
Attacks set target ablaze dealing
25 damage over 5 seconds
- Fire Stone
Hidden Buff.png forceofwindtrinket forceofwindtrinket - Force of Wind
Hidden Buff.png fowactive fowactive Max 1% friction
Hidden Buff.png frenzyorbtrinket frenzyorbtrinket
Gain up to +40% damage based on missing health
- Frenzy Orb
Hidden Buff.png frostflametrinket frostflametrinket
Attacks slow target and deals
35 damage over 5 seconds
- Frost Flame
Hidden Buff.png frosthoodsetbonus +10% crit chance
+50% projectile velocity
+10% crit chance
+50% projectile velocity
Hidden Buff.png frostsetbonus Melee attacks slows and damages
the target for 15 damage over 5 seconds
Hidden Buff.png froststonetrinket froststonetrinket
Attacks slow target and deals
15 damage over 5 seconds
- Frost Stone
Hidden Buff.png frozenhearttrinket frozenhearttrinket
Increases max health by 50
+50 max health Frozen Heart
Hidden Buff.png frozenwavetrinket frozenwavetrinket
Increases crit damage by 25%
+25% crit damage Frozen Wave
Hidden Buff.png fullcritchance fullcritchance +100% crit chance
Hidden Buff.png fuzzydicetrinket fuzzydicetrinket
Increases crit chance by 5%
+5% crit chance Fuzzy Dice
Hidden Buff.png glacialcircletsetbonus ... +1 max summons
Hidden Buff.png glacialhelmetsetbonus Melee attacks shoot out an icicle -
Hidden Buff.png goldsetbonus +3 armor +3 armor
Hidden Buff.png guardianshellactive guardianshellactive +100 armor
Hidden Buff.png guardianshelltrinket guardianshelltrinket
Equip and press [input=trinketability] to get a
powerful shield for a short time
- Guardian Shell
Hidden Buff.png humanangry humanangry +10 movement speed
Hidden Buff.png hysteriatablettrinket hysteriatablettrinket
+2 max summons
+30% summons speed
+2 max summons
+30% summons speed
Hysteria Tablet
Hidden Buff.png inducingamulettrinket inducingamulettrinket
+30% summons speed
+30% summons speed Inducing Amulet
Hidden Buff.png ironsetbonus +2 armor +2 armor
Hidden Buff.png itemattractortrinket itemattractortrinket
Increases item pickup range
+5 item pickup range Item Attractor
Hidden Buff.png ivycircletsetbonus ... +1 max summons
Hidden Buff.png ivyhelmetsetbonus Being hit drops a poisonous goo -
Hidden Buff.png ivyhoodsetbonus Attacks poison target for
15 damage over 5 seconds
Hidden Buff.png leatherglovetrinket leatherglovetrinket
Increases attack speed by 10%
+10% attack speed Leather Glove
Hidden Buff.png leathersetbonus +10% attack speed +10% attack speed
Hidden Buff.png lifelinettrinket lifelinettrinket
Restore 25% health when taking fatal damage
5 minute cooldown
- Lifeline
Hidden Buff.png lifependanttrinket lifependanttrinket
Gives improved health regeneration
+0.75 combat regen Life Pendant
Hidden Buff.png luckycapetrinket luckycapetrinket
Increases crit chance by 10%
+10% crit chance Lucky Cape
Hidden Buff.png magicalquivertrinket magicalquivertrinket
Reduces arrow usage by 75%
-75% arrow usage Magical Quiver
Hidden Buff.png magicfocitrinket magicfocitrinket
Increases magic damage by 20%
Decreases non-magic damage by 20%
-20% melee damage
-20% ranged damage
+20% magic damage
-20% summon damage
Magic Foci
Hidden Buff.png meleefocitrinket meleefocitrinket
Increases melee damage by 20%
Decreases non-melee damage by 20%
+20% melee damage
-20% ranged damage
-20% magic damage
-20% summon damage
Melee Foci
Hidden Buff.png mesmertablettrinket mesmertablettrinket
+1 max summons
+1 max summons Mesmer Tablet
Hidden Buff.png miningcharmtrinket miningcharmtrinket
Increases tool damage by 40%
+40% tool damage Mining Charm
Hidden Buff.png mobilitycloaktrinket mobilitycloaktrinket
Gives great mobility out of combat
+15% movement speed
+5 movement speed
Mobility Cloak
Hidden Buff.png movespeedburst movespeedburst +75% movement speed
Hidden Buff.png ninjasmarktrinket ninjasmarktrinket
Halves movement speed
reduction when attacking
-50% attack movement penalty Ninjas Mark
Hidden Buff.png noblehorseshoetrinket noblehorseshoetrinket
Increases crit chance by 5%
+5% crit chance Noble Horseshoe
Hidden Buff.png pirateescape pirateescape +20 movement speed
Hidden Buff.png piratepassive piratepassive +1 combat regen
Hidden Buff.png piratetelescopetrinket piratetelescopetrinket
Extends travel and biome view range by 1
+1 travel distance
+1 biome view distance
Pirate Telescope
Hidden Buff.png polarclawtrinket polarclawtrinket
Attacks slows target
- Polar Claw
Hidden Buff.png quartzcrownsetbonus ... +1 max summons
Hidden Buff.png quartzhelmetsetbonus Get a burst of movement
speed after being hit
20 second cooldown
Hidden Buff.png quartzsetcooldown quartzsetcooldown - Quartz Set Bonus
Hidden Buff.png rangefocitrinket rangefocitrinket
Increases ranged damage by 20%
Decreases non-ranged damage by 20%
-20% melee damage
+20% ranged damage
-20% magic damage
-20% summon damage
Range Foci
Hidden Buff.png regenpendanttrinket regenpendanttrinket
Gives minor health regeneration
+0.25 combat regen Regen Pendant
Hidden Buff.png scryingmirrortrinket scryingmirrortrinket
+1 max summons
+1 max summons Scrying Mirror
Hidden Buff.png settlerstats settlerstats -
Hidden Buff.png shadowhatsetbonus ... +5% movement speed
+15% projectile velocity
Hidden Buff.png shadowhoodsetbonus ... +5% crit chance
+10% movement speed
+15% projectile velocity
Hidden Buff.png shinebelttrinket shinebelttrinket
Lights up the area around you
- Shine Belt
Hidden Buff.png sleeping sleeping +5 regen
Hidden Buff.png spidercharge spidercharge +75% movement speed
Hidden Buff.png spidercharmtrinket spidercharmtrinket
Being hit poisons the attacker
for 40 damage over 5 seconds
- Spider Charm
Hidden Buff.png spidersetbonus ... Max 0% movement slow
+1 max summons
Hidden Buff.png spiderwebslow spiderwebslow 40% movement slow
Hidden Buff.png spikedbatbootstrinket spikedbatbootstrinket
Increases movement speed by 25%
Prevents skating around
+25% movement speed
Min 100% friction
Spiked Bat Boots
Hidden Buff.png spikedbootstrinket spikedbootstrinket
Increases movement speed by 15%
Prevents skating around
+15% movement speed
Min 100% friction
Spiked Boots
Hidden Buff.png summonfocitrinket summonfocitrinket
Increases summon damage by 20%
Decreases non-summon damage by 20%
-20% melee damage
-20% ranged damage
-20% magic damage
+20% summon damage
Summon Foci
Hidden Buff.png telescopicladdertrinket telescopicladdertrinket
Increases building range
+1 building range Telescopic Ladder
Hidden Buff.png templependanttrinket templependanttrinket
Reduces dash cooldowns by 25%
-25% dash cooldown Temple Pendant
Hidden Buff.png toolextendertrinket toolextendertrinket
Increases mining range
+1 mining range Tool Extender
Hidden Buff.png trackerboottrinket trackerboottrinket
Increases movement speed by 10%
+10% movement speed Tracker Boot
Hidden Buff.png travelercloaktrinket travelercloaktrinket
Gives land and sea mobility out of combat
+15% movement speed
+5 movement speed
+100% swim speed
Traveler Cloak
Hidden Buff.png tungstensetbonus Knockback resistance
50% increased knockback
+50% knockback
Max 0% incoming knockback
Hidden Buff.png vampiresgifttrinket vampiresgifttrinket
Increases movement speed by 15%
+15% movement speed Vampires Gift
Hidden Buff.png voidhatsetbonus Press [input=setability] to gain a burst of movement speed -
Hidden Buff.png voidmasksetbonus ... +1 max summons
Hidden Buff.png zephyrbootsactive zephyrbootsactive +40% movement speed
+10 movement speed
Hidden Buff.png zephyrbootstrinket zephyrbootstrinket - Zephyr Boots
Debug buff Debug buff
Used for testing purposes
+50 max summons
+100 dash stacks
-1000% dash cooldown
Debug invisibility Debug invisibility
Used for testing purposes
Enables invisibility
-100% target range