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Mounts are creatures or objects that act as vehicles that a player can use for transportation. When a mount-summoning item is used, it applies an unlimited "buff" to the player, spawns the mount, and places the player on or in it. Mount movement can be controlled using the player's usual movement keys. Like pets and summons, mounts have unlimited uses, and their summoning items are not consumed. Only one mount can be in effect at a time. Mounts will unequip automatically when The Player dies.

All mount items can be placed in the mount slot and then summoned with the "F" key.

There are currently 6 mounts


Mount Item Availability
Jumping-Ball.gif Jumping Ball.png Jumping Ball Only sometimes
Ostrich-Mount.gif Inefficient Feather.png Inefficient Feather Sold for between 500-1500 Coin Currency.png
Inefficient Feather.png
Also drops from Wild Ostrich in the Desert Biome.
Hoverboard-Mount.gif Hoverboard-Mount.gif Hoverboard Given to the player for completing Reaper quest.Sold after the completion of Reaper quest.
Minecart.png Minecart Iron Bar.png Iron Bar (10)Any Log.gif Any Log (10)Made at: Workstation.png Workstation
Wood Boat.png Wood Boat Any Log.gif Any Log (8)Made at: Inventory
Steel Boat.png Steel Boat Spare Boat Parts.png Spare Boat Parts (1)Coins.png Coins (500)Made at: Advanced Workstation.png Advanced Workstation