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Unlike Mounts and Pets, Summons are creatures that fight for you.

Summoning Overview[edit]

Here are general properties of summons and summoning:

  • Summoning does not use up "charges" and can be done an unlimited number of times.
  • To remove summons, right-click the summons Buff icon.
  • Summons follow the player until any Monster or Human enemy comes within range of the player and there is a path to the enemy. At this point the summons will attack the enemy until it is dead or goes out of range.
    • Right-clicking an enemy will place a red X on the enemy and tell the summons to preferentially attack this enemy. Right-clicking anywhere else will remove this preference.
  • If summons get stuck behind obstacles they can pass through obstacles and teleport to get back to the player.
  • There are two types of summons: those that use summon slots and those that don't.
    • Summons that use summon slots take no damage and will persist unless the player dies or quits the game.
    • Summons that don't use summon slots either disappear after a short time or will attack an enemy once and disappear.
  • In general, summons can only attack a target if the target is within range and there is a path to the target.
    • Once there is a path, some summons like the spiders will follow the shortest path to the target. Other summons like the cryo flakes will fly straight through obstacles to reach the target.

Summon Slots[edit]

  • The player starts with a max of 1 summon slot, but this can be increased by Armor, Trinkets, and Potions.
    • Currently, the highest max slots available is 7: +2 from armor, +3 from trinkets, and +1 from potions.
  • It is possible to use a different weapon for each summon slot.
  • Some summoning weapons take a summon slot; some do not. The Skeleton Staff summons 2 baby skeletons per slot.
  • For summoning weapons that take a summon slot, if the max slots is exceeded, the creatures in the oldest slot are removed.

Summoning Weapons[edit]

In most but not all cases, summons are created using a summoning weapon. (As an example of a non-weapon summon, see Ivy Armor.)

Some summoning weapons use summon slots; some do not.

Summoning Weapons That Use Summon Slots[edit]

The default max slots is 1, but can be increased by Armor, Trinkets, and Potions.

Name Damage Effects
 Brain on a Stick 10 Summons baby zombies; every other summon is an archer
 Spider Staff 12 Summons baby spiders that do melee attacks
 Magic Branch 16 Summons baby snowmen that throw snowballs at enemies
 Vulture Staff 18 Summons vulture hatchlings that fly directly to the target, doing melee attacks
 Empress Command 20 Summons spiderkin minions that alternate between close and ranged combat with each summoning
 Cryo Staff 22 Summons cryo flakes that fly directly to the target, doing short-range ranged attacks
 Swamps Grasp 23 Summons 2 pouncing slimes (occupying only one summon slot) that jump directly on the target, doing melee attacks
 Skeleton Staff 25 Summons 2 skeletons (occupying only one summon slot); one for long-range attacks and another for close-range combat
 Phantom Caller 35 Summons phantoms that charge at enemies
 Orb of Slimes 53 Summons slime orbs that orbit you, damaging enemies upon collision

Summoning Weapons That Don't Use Summon Slots[edit]

These summoning weapons do not use any summon slots, so they can be used with a summoning weapon that does use summon slots to provide additional summon damage.

These weapons don't work well with each other, however. For example, the player cannot stack 8 frost crystals from Frost Piercer with 5 flying spirits from Reapers Call.

Name Damage Effects
 Frost Piercer 16 Summons up to 8 flying frost crystals; does not use summon slots
 Slime Canister 26 Summons up to 10 short-lived poison slimes; does not use summon slots
 Reapers Call 46 Summons up to 5 flying spirits

Summoning Armor[edit]

Summoning armor increases the player's max summon slots and/or provides buffs that helping with summoning. Getting a full armor set provides further bonuses, including an additional summon slot. For example, wearing only Spider Helmet will give +1 max summons, but wearing the full Spider Armor set will give a total of +2 max summons.

Some armor sets have different variants depending on which components are chosen. For example, with the Void Armor set, wearing the Void Mask will give summoning bonuses but wearing the Void Hat will not.

Summoning armor:

Summoning Trinkets[edit]

Summoning trinkets increase the player's max summon slots and/or provide buffs that helping with summoning.

Name Effect
 Clockwork Heart Turns half your health into resilience
Regen resilience when at full health
 Hysteria Tablet +2 max summons
+30% summons speed
 Inducing Amulet +30% summons speed
 Mesmer Tablet +1 max summons
 Scrying Mirror +1 max summons
 Summon Foci Increases summon damage by 20%
Decreases non-summon damage by 20%

Summoning Potions[edit]

Name Effect Recipe
 Minion Potion Increases max summons by 1
5 minutes duration
 Glacial Shard (1) Caveglow (2) Icefish (1) Glass Bottle (1)Made at:  Alchemy Table

Summoning Banner[edit]

The Banner Of Summon Speed will increase summons speed. However, it is typically not very useful until it is placed in a Banner Stand, obtained after completing the Cryo Queen Quest.

Tips for Summoners[edit]

Possible Progression[edit]

Here is a possible progression for a summoner build, focused on summoning-specific equipment. See general guides such as Guide:Getting_Started for other tips.

  • "Primary summoning weapon" refers to weapons that use summon slots; their summons persist until the player dies, quits, or removes them.
  • "Secondary summoning weapon" refers to weapons that do not use summon slots; their summons disappear after a time or when the summon attacks once.
  1. Biome: Forest Biome
    1. Primary summoning weapon: Brain on a Stick/Spider Staff
    2. Armor: Spider Armor
    3. Boss: Evil's Protector
    4. Trinket: Summon Foci, craft Balanced Foci - must kill Evil's Protector multiple times to obtain all the foci
    5. Trinket: Force of Wind - not strictly a summoning trinket, but very useful in boss fights
  2. Biome: Snow Biome
    1. Primary summoning weapon: Magic Branch
    2. Boss: Queen Spider
    3. Secondary summoning weapon: Frost Piercer
  3. Area: Dungeon
    1. Armor: Void Armor
    2. Trinket: Mesmer Tablet
    3. Boss: Void Wizard
  4. Biome: Swamp Biome
    1. Armor: Ivy Armor
    2. Armor: Quartz Armor - some players may prefer to stay with Ivy Armor and skip Quartz Armor. This will be the last armor until Glacial Armor
    3. Secondary summoning weapon: Slime Canister - some players may prefer to stay with Frost Piercer
    4. Boss: Swamp Guardian - some players may prefer to obtain the Vulture Staff before fighting the Swamp Guardian
  5. Biome: Desert Biome
    1. Trinket: Air Vessel - not strictly a summoning trinket, but very useful in boss fights when combined with Force of Wind or Blink Scepter
    2. Boss: Ancient Vulture
    3. Primary summoning weapon: Vulture Staff - must kill Ancient Vulture enough times to obtain the Vulture Staff
  6. Area: Pirate Village
    1. Boss: Pirate Captain
    2. Trinket: Inducing Amulet - players may be able to find the Inducing Amulet before fighting the Pirate Captain
  7. Cave: Deep Forest Caves
    1. Trinket: Hysteria Tablet - craft from Mesmer Tablet and Inducing Amulet using Advanced Workstation
    2. Potion: Minion Potion - players should now be able to craft Minion Potions, though some can be found in earlier areas
    3. Boss: Reaper - some players may prefer to wait until obtaining pre-boss items from Deep Snow Caves, Deep Swamp Caves, and Deep Desert Caves. For example, the Cryo Staff, Glacial Armor, and Mycelium Armor can be crafted before fighting the Reaper
    4. Secondary summoning weapon: Reapers Call
  8. Cave: Deep Snow Caves
    1. Primary summoning weapon: Cryo Staff
    2. Armor: Glacial Armor
    3. Trinket: Balanced Frostfire Foci - craft from Balanced Foci, Fire Stone from Deep Forest Caves, and Frost Stone from Deep Snow Caves
    4. Boss: Cryo Queen
    5. Item: Banner Stand from the Cryo Queen Quest, which enables using the Banner Of Summon Speed without having to hold it. With enough banner stands, the player can place one of each type of banner before boss battles
  9. Cave: Deep Swamp Caves
    1. Armor: Mycelium Armor
    2. Boss: Pest Warden
    3. Primary summoning weapon: Swamps Grasp
  10. Cave: Deep Desert Caves
    1. Trinket: Scrying Mirror
    2. Boss: Sage and Grit
    3. Trinket: Temple Pendant, craft Ancient Relics - not strictly a summoning trinket, but very useful in boss fights when combined with Force of Wind or Blink Scepter
    4. Trinket: Blink Scepter - not strictly a summoning trinket, but an alternative to Force of Wind
    5. Primary summoning weapon: Skeleton Staff
    6. Boss: Fallen Wizard