Incursion Biomes

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Incursion Biomes are locations an Incursion can take place in. An Incursion can take place in any of the 4 Deep Caves currently in the game, or in an exclusive Incursion Biome.

This page lists the exclusive biomes that can be accessed by performing Incursions. Currently WIP

For a full list of Incursion Biomes, check out Incursions#Incursion_Rewards.

Slime Cave[edit]

Slime Cave is an Incursion Biome. The cave is filled with Slime Acid that can leave a lingering Damage-over-time effect on players if touched.

Monsters found here include Slimeworm, Legged Slime Thrower, Warrior Slime and Mage Slime. You can loot the following items in the Slime Cave:

Type Items
Materials  Slimeum Alchemy Shard Upgrade Shard
Equipment Random Tier Armor • Random Tier Weapon
Consumables  Fire Arrow Iron Arrow Bone Arrow Greater Health Potion Greater Mana Potion Greater Health Regen Potion Greater Attack Speed Potion Minion Potion Knockback Potion Thorns Potion Fishing Potion Travel Scroll
Other Items  Torch


Graveyard is an Incursion Biome. It is the only place players can obtain Deadwood Logs. Deadwood furniture and blocks, as well as crypt blocks, are scattered all around the area.

Monsters found here include Crypt Bat, Crypt Vampire and Phantom.

You can loot the following items in the Graveyard:


Spider Castle[edit]

Spider Castle is an Incursion Biome. The castle is filled with spider castle furniture and players can obtain the Spider Throne here.

Monsters found here include Spiderkin, Spiderkin Archer, Spiderkin Mage, Spiderkin Warrior, Web Spinner and Bloated Spider.

You can loot the following items in the Spider Castle:


Sun Arena[edit]


Moon Arena[edit]