Ancient Fossil Bar

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Ancient Fossil Bar


Type: Bars

Attack speed: 1

Broker value: 20

Ancient Fossil bar is a crafting material used to make armor and weapons. It can be obtained by smelting Ancient Fossil Ore.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Ancient Fossil Bar (1)  Ancient Fossil Ore (4)  Forge


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Gateway Tablet (1)  Ancient Fossil Bar (10) Worm Carapace (5)  Fallen Workstation
 Fallen Altar (1) Must have:  Gateway Tablet Tungsten Bar (10) Glacial Bar (10) Mycelium Bar (10) Ancient Fossil Bar (10)  Advanced Workstation
 Dragon Souls (1)  Ancient Fossil Bar (4) Worm Carapace (4) Bone (8)  Advanced Workstation
 Ancient Fossil Pickaxe (1)  Ancient Fossil Bar (16)  Advanced Workstation
 Ancient Fossil Axe (1)  Ancient Fossil Bar (16)  Advanced Workstation
 Ancient Fossil Shovel (1)  Ancient Fossil Bar (16)  Advanced Workstation
 Ancient Dredging Staff (1)  Dredging Staff (1) Ancient Fossil Bar (15)  Advanced Workstation
 Sand Knife (1)  Quartz (20) Ancient Fossil Bar (5) Worm Carapace (5)  Advanced Workstation
 Ancient Fossil Mask (1)  Ancient Fossil Bar (8) Worm Carapace (5)  Advanced Workstation
 Ancient Fossil Helmet (1)  Ancient Fossil Bar (12) Worm Carapace (3)  Advanced Workstation
 Ancient Fossil Chestplate (1)  Ancient Fossil Bar (16) Worm Carapace (4)  Advanced Workstation
 Ancient Fossil Boots (1)  Ancient Fossil Bar (8) Worm Carapace (2)  Advanced Workstation