Dredging Staff

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Dredging Staff

Dredging Staff.png


Type: Weapons

Magic damage: 30

Attack speed: 1.67

Knockback: 50

Attack range: 200

Attack velocity: 150

Tooltip: Shoots a wave of spikes

Broker value: 500 Coin Currency.png

Attack sprite
Dredging Staff Attack.png

The Dredging Staff is a magic weapon dropped by Swamp Guardian. It shoots a wave of spikes towards the cursor hitting everything in the way, even behind walls.

It can later be upgraded to Ancient Dredging Staff.



Result Ingredients Crafting Station
Ancient Dredging Staff.png Ancient Dredging Staff (1) Dredging Staff.png Dredging Staff (1)Ancient Fossil bar.png Ancient Fossil Bar (15) Advanced Workstation.png Advanced Workstation