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Stones are crafting materials mined in Caves, Incursions or on the surface, using a Pickaxe.

The different kinds of stones can be found in their respective biome. Sandstone in Desert Biome, Swamp stone in Swamp Biome etc.

Deep stones are only found in Deep Caves, Spider Stones are only found in Spider Castle Incursions, and Crypt Stones are only found in Graveyard Incursions.

The types of different stones are:


Stones can be used for many general recipes.

Specific stones can be used to tiles, like Sandstone Brick Floor.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Resistance Potion (1)  Rockfish (2) Any Stone (10) Glass Bottle (1)  Alchemy Table
 Sand (1)  Any Stone (5)  Alchemy Table
 Cooling Box (1)  Any Log (10) Any Stone (10) Frost Shard (5)  Workstation
 Forge (1)  Any Stone (20)  Workstation
 Alchemy Table (1)  Any Log (10) Glass Bottle (2) Any Stone (10)  Workstation
 Settlement Flag (1)  Any Stone (50) Gold Bar (10) Coins (1000)  Workstation
 Campfire (1)  Any Log (10) Any Stone (20)  Workstation
 Landfill (1)  Any Stone (2)  Workstation
 Stone Arrow (5)  Any Log (1) Any Stone (5) Inventory
 Snowman (1)  Snow (10) Any Stone (4) Carrot (1) Inventory
 Snowman (1) File:Snowball.png Snowball (50) Any Stone (4) Carrot (1) Inventory
 Rock Lever (1)  Any Stone (10) Wire (5)  Workstation