Snow Stone

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Snow Stone


Type: Stones

Attack speed: 1

Broker value: 0.1

The Snow Stone is a crafting material, mined in Snow Caves.



Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Snow Stone Wall (1)  Snow Stone (5)  Workstation
 Snow Stone Door (1)  Snow Stone (15)  Workstation
 Snow Stone Floor (1)  Snow Stone (1)  Workstation
 Snow Stone Brick Floor (1)  Snow Stone (1)  Workstation
 Snow Stone Path (1)  Snow Stone (2)  Workstation
 Snow Stone Column (1)  Snow Stone (20)  Carpenters Bench
File:Snow Candle Pedestal.png Snow Candle Pedestal (1)  Snow Stone (20) Honey (1)  Carpenters Bench
 Snow Stone Pressure Plate (1)  Snow Stone (10) Wire (5)  Workstation