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Type: Minerals

Attack speed: 1

Broker value: 2

Obsidian is a crafting material used in various recipes. It can be found in Forest Deep Caves and Swamp Deep Caves, looking like a purple rock. Each rock drops 2-3 obsidian and requires a Tungsten Pickaxe or better to mine.

Obsidian rocks found in Deep Forest Caves



Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Cooking Station (1)  Tungsten Bar (8) Obsidian (12)  Advanced Workstation
 Tungsten Boomerang (1)  Tungsten Bar (5) Obsidian (10)  Advanced Workstation
 Tungsten Helmet (1)  Tungsten Bar (12) Obsidian (12)  Advanced Workstation
 Tungsten Chestplate (1)  Tungsten Bar (16) Obsidian (16)  Advanced Workstation
 Tungsten Boots (1)  Tungsten Bar (8) Obsidian (8)  Advanced Workstation
 Tungsten Shield (1)  Tungsten Bar (16) Obsidian (8)  Advanced Workstation
 Strength Potion (1)  Obsidian (2) Caveglow (2) Rockfish (1) Glass Bottle (1)  Alchemy Table
 Obsidian Wall (1)  Obsidian (2)  Advanced Workstation
 Obsidian Door (1)  Obsidian (8)  Advanced Workstation
 Obsidian Column (1)  Obsidian (5)  Carpenters Bench