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Players start with 100 HP. Once the hit point pool reaches zero the player dies. Hit points lost can regenerate as long as the player is fed.

Health can be permanently increased once per player via consuming a Demon Heart for +100 HP (obtained from slaying the Evil's Protector boss for the first time).

Life Elixirs can be taken to permanently raise hit points by +10 HP each until a maximum 300 permanent hit points are reached. (Crafted in Advanced Workstation: 10 Sunflowers + 10 Life Quartz + 1 Glass Bottle)

The player's maximum hit points can be increased temporarily by some food items and trinkets.

If player used Demon Heart, 10 Life Elixirs and food which give 50 max health, they can have 350 HP. But if all player's Trinkets and Armor have an enchantment Bulky and they have a Frozen Heart or Frozen Soul, they can reach 500 HP!

Food that restores HP[edit]

Item Temporary Health Bonus Other Effects
Corn.png Corn +10 max health None
Milk.png Milk +10 max health None
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin +20 max health None
Lemon.png Lemon +20 max health None
Bread.png Bread +20 max health None
Popcorn.png Popcorn +20 max health None
Cheese.png Cheese +20 max health None
Junior Burger.png Junior Burger +20 max health +10% speed
+0.5 combat regen
Fresh Potato Salad.png Fresh Potato Salad +30 max health +10% attack speed
+0.5 combat regen
Cheese Burger.png Cheese Burger +50 max health +10% speed
+0.5 combat regen
Spaghetti Bolognese.png Spaghetti Bolognese +50 max health +10% damage
+0.75 combat regen
Strawberry Pie.png Strawberry Pie +50 max health +10% speed
+20% attack speed
Sushi Rolls.png Sushi Rolls +50 max health +10% damage
+15% attack speed
Tropical Stew.png Tropical Stew +50 max health +5% damage
+4 armor

Trinkets that increase HP[edit]

Item Temporary Health Bonus Other Effects
Frozen Heart.png Frozen Heart +50 max health None
Frozen Soul.png Frozen Soul +50 max health Restores 25% health when taking fatal damage (5 minute cooldown)