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World Creation[edit]

When creating a world, you will first see a character creation screen. See The Player

Once a character is created, you will be introduced to the world creation screen. This is how every individual world is created.

World Settings[edit]

Note: World settings can be changed at any time in settings

This is the first category of settings that you can choose from. These can be changed at any time within the world.


There are 5 different difficulties to choose from. Each difficulty has a change on the damage taken or knockback given, depending on the difficulty.

Default setting is Normal

Difficulty Effects
Casual -50% damage taken
Easy -30% damage taken
Normal No effects
Hard +30% damage taken
-25% knockback given
Brutal +100% damage taken
-60% knockback given
Death Penalty[edit]

There are 5 different death penalty options. Most penalties involve dropping items on death.

Default setting is Drop materials

Penalties Info
No penalty Nothing happens on death
Drop materials Drop all non equipment, combat, and special items
Drop main inventory Drop everything except hotbar and equipped items
Drop full inventory Drop everything on you
Hardcore Character stays dead permanently

Another setting is located under this category that, which is to enable player hunger. This simply adds a hunger bar to characters.

Default setting is Enabled

Raid Frequency[edit]

There are 4 different raid frequencies in the world options. See Raiders for frequency details

Default setting is Occasionally

Frequencies Cooldown Multiplier
Often 50%
Occasionally 100%
Rarely 400%
Never Disables Raids

Spawn Settings[edit]

This category is based solely on the creation of the world. Once a world has been made, you cannot change it unless you create a new one.

Spawn Seed[edit]

This seed allows you to define the spawn islands characteristics. It is made by a combination of 5 characters using letters (capitalized and lowercased) as well as numbers. This can be randomized to your liking, as well as having the ability to control it as you wish by entering a code of your liking.

A second option for the spawn seed is to select a custom spawn island. The boxes under it are, by default, greyed out until this option is selected. Once selected, the spawn seed box will become greyed out and you are free to use the custom spawn island boxes instead. Here, it asks for custom x and y coordinates that can be entered to your liking.

A picture of the guide house.

The last setting under the spawn settings category is the option to spawn guide house. This setting, as stated, creates a guide/starter house for you to be able to get acquainted with the world around you.

Default setting is Enabled


The last category involves the customization of the in game time. Normally, the day-night cycle is 16 minutes.
The setting is changed with sliders for both day and night that max out at 500% and min out at 50%.

Default setting is Day: 100% | Night: 100%

Note: sleeping speeds up time by x20 speed

Time of Day Duration (In minutes) Duration (In miliseconds)
Full Day 16 960,000
Daytime 6.4 384,000
Day to Night 1.6 96,000
Nighttime 6.4 384,000
Night to Day 1.6 96,000