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The basic (default when using a mouse and keyboard) controls for the The Player in-game are as follows. Please note that certain keys, specifically the 'Key Modifiers' section will only apply while within menus for which that command makes sense. Keys can be rebound freely by left clicking the control you want to change in the controls menu and entering the desired keybind.


Action Keybind
Attack/place/use Mouse1
Interact Mouse2
Inventory E
Use health potion Q
Use mana potion
Eat food
Use buff potions B
Place torch R
Use mount F
Use armor set ability V
Use trinket ability Space
Open Settlement C
Toggle smart mining LCtrl
Loot all (Unbound by default)
Sort inventory (Unbound by default)
Quick stack nearby (Unbound by default)


Action Keybind
Move up W
Move left A
Move down S
Move right D
Move to mouse (Unbound by default)


Action Keybind
Scoreboard Tab
Show island Map M
Show world map N
Zoom in KP_Add
Zoom out KP_Subtract
Hide UI F4
Screenshot F5


Action Keybind
Next hotbar slot ScrollDown
Previous hotbar slot ScrollUp
Hotbar slot 1 1
Hotbar slot 2 2
Hotbar slot 3 3
Hotbar slot 4 4
Hotbar slot 5 5
Hotbar slot 6 6
Hotbar slot 7 7
Hotbar slot 8 8
Hotbar slot 9 9
Hotbar slot 10 0

Key Modifiers[edit]

Action Keybind
Toggle slot locked LAlt
Quick move LShift
Quick trash LCtrl
Craft all LShift


Action Keybind
Debug info F1
Debug hud F2