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Cosmetics are items that change the player's appearance when placed in cosmetic slots in the inventory. A new player starts with two default cosmetic items, a shirt and shoes, which will have colors chosen by the player for their clothing upon character creation. If you accidentally discard these items, you can buy them again from the Stylist, as well as a wig that matches your hairstyle.

Cosmetic Slots.png
Cosmetic slots in the inventory

Most cosmetic items can be purchased from the Traveling Merchant. The Stylist and the Farmer also sell cosmetics. Some cosmetic items are given by the Elder as settlement quests rewards.

Equipment such as armor placed in cosmetic slots does not provide any bonuses.

Alien Costume Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Alien Mask.png Alien MaskAlien Costume Shirt.png Alien Costume ShirtAlien Costume Boots.png Alien Costume Boots Alien Costume Cosmetics Set.png

Captains Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Captains Hat.png Captains HatCaptains Shirt.png Captains Shirt Captains Cosmetics Set.png

Chicken Costume Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Chicken Mask.png Chicken MaskChicken Costume Shirt.png Chicken Costume ShirtChicken Costume Boots.png Chicken Costume Boots Chicken Cosmetics Set.png

Default Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Wig.gif WigShirt.gif ShirtShoes.gif Shoes Default Cosmetics Set.gif

Elder Hat[edit]

Items Appearance
Elder Hat.png Elder Hat Elder Cosmetics Set.png

Farmer Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Farmer Hat.png Farmer HatFarmer Shirt.png Farmer ShirtFarmer Shoes.png Farmer Shoes Farmer Cosmetics Set.png

Frog Costume Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Frog Mask.png Frog MaskFrog Costume Shirt.png Frog Costume ShirtFrog Costume Boots.png Frog Costume Boots Frog Costume Cosmetics Set.png

Horse Costume Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Horse Mask.png Horse MaskHorse Costume Shirt.png Horse Costume ShirtHorse Costume Boots.png Horse Costume Boots Horse Cosmetics Set.png

Hula Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Hula Hat.png Hula HatHula Skirt With Top.png Hula Skirt With TopHula Skirt.png Hula Skirt Hula With Top Cosmetics Set.pngHula Cosmetics Set.png

Jester Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Jester Hat.png Jester HatJester Shirt.png Jester ShirtJester Boots.png Jester Boots Jester Cosmetics Set.png

Plague Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Plague Mask.png Plague MaskPlague Robe.png Plague RobePlague Boots.png Plague Boots Plague Cosmetics Set.png

Pirate Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Pirate Bandana.png Pirate BandanaPirate Shirt.png Pirate ShirtPirate Boots.png Pirate Boots Pirate Cosmetics Set.png

Sailor Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Sailor Hat.png Sailor HatSailor Shirt.png Sailor ShirtSailor Shoes.png Sailor Shoes Sailor Cosmetics Set.png

Snow Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Snow Hood.png Snow HoodSnow Cloak.png Snow CloakSnow Boots.png Snow Boots Snow Cosmetics Set.png

Spacesuit Set[edit]

Items Appearance
Space Helmet.png Space HelmetSpacesuit.png SpacesuitSpace Boots.png Space Boots Spacesuit Cosmetics Set.png


Items Appearance
Sunglasses.png Sunglasses Sunglasses Cosmetics Set.png

Surgical Mask[edit]

Items Appearance
Surgical Mask.png Surgical Mask Surgical Cosmetics Set.png

Swimsuit and Swim Trunks[edit]

Items Appearance
Swimsuit.png SwimsuitSwim Trunks.png Swim Trunks Swimsuit Cosmetics Set.pngSwim Trunks Cosmetics Set.png

Trapper Hat[edit]

Items Appearance
Trapper Hat.png Trapper Hat Trapper Cosmetics Set.png

Vulture Mask[edit]

Items Appearance
Vulture Mask.png Vulture Mask Vulture Cosmetics Set.png