Trapper Zombie

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Trapper Zombie

Trapper Zombie.png


Type: Monsters

Health: 120

Armor: 0

Speed: 30

Copper Ore.png Copper Ore (1-3) 15.0% Iron Ore.png Iron Ore (1-3) 15.0% Broken Copper Tool.gif Broken Copper Tool 5% Broken Iron Tool.gif Broken Iron Tool 5% Map Fragment.png Map Fragment 5% Trapper Hat.png Trapper Hat 5%

Trapper Zombies are one of the first Monsters the player will encounter. They spawn in Snow Biome Surfaces at night and will run to the nearest edge of the zone at the break of morning. They also spawn inSnow Caves

Trapper Zombies are a variant of that are slightly rarer than Zombies that has a chance of dropping the Trapper Hat