Zombie Archer

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Zombie Archer


Type: Monsters

Health: 50

Armor: 0

Speed: 25

 Stone Arrow (2-6)  Copper Ore (1-3) 15.0%  Iron Ore (1-3) 15.0%  Broken Copper Tool 5%  Broken Iron Tool 5%  Map Fragment 5%  Mysterious Portal 2%*

Zombie Archers are one of the first Monsters the player will encounter. They spawn in surface Biomes at night and will run to the nearest edge of the zone at the break of morning. They also spawn in Forest Caves, Snow Caves and Swamp Caves.

Zombie Archers use bows for ranged attacks. They patrol until they spot a player at which time they will give chase and then perform arrow attacks when in range.

Anywhere Zombies are found, Zombie Archers will spawn but is slightly lower numbers.