Raw Meat

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Raw Meat


Type: Consumables

Attack speed: 1

Raw Meat is a category of Raw Food that consists of uncooked meat. Raw Meat is used for some food recipes that require a particular type of meat or Any Meat.

Raw Meat comes from killing certain animals, namely Cows, Sheep and Pigs, as well as certain critters, namely Rabbits and Snow Hares.

It is best to hire a Hunter in your settlement and assign the hunting task to him. The Hunter will not gather raw meat other than Rabbit Legs. Sometimes he will also accidentally kill animals while shooting critters, but this is unintentional.

The Hunter will deposit rabbit legs in a Chest, the settings of which allow Villagers to store this item. If there is no chest set that allows the rabbit legs to be deposited, the Hunter will keep them until his inventory is full, at which point he will stop hunting unless the player takes the rabbit legs from him.